Sample Merlin Mind Report

Below is a Sample of my Personal Merlin Mind Report:

Merlin Mind Report – Beth Bridgman

There are 4 Mind Planets that I look at in your Natal Chart. Three I consider ‘Higher Mind’ Planets that can take you out of your 3D reality moving you through 4D and into 5D.

The aspects made between these Natal Planets, as well as the Houses they are in, and other Key Points and Planets that can add strength to they way they function are all taken into account.

The purpose of this Report is to familiarize you with the unique energies available to you that allow you to become a Merlin Mind.

This Report is written uniquely FOR YOU, Beth!!

Part 1 – Full Description of the Various Mind Planets and how they work together.

Part 2 – Unique Mind Planet placements:

  1. Your Natal Mercury (conscious mind) is Conjunct your Natal Neptune (subconscious mind) by less than one degree orb. You have never had a 3D firewall between your conscious (10%) and subconscious (90%) minds. You have always spoken and written from a subconscious place… someplace larger than your physical reality or avatar, Beth, could be conscious of. You can dream easily, but may have had sleep troubles at various times of your life as you were dealing with subconscious/other life stuff. You have what I call ‘gills’ to dive deep into the subconscious places and bring up your fears for you to face. This has, no doubt, allowed you to resolve much Karma in this lifetime. As your Mercury and Neptune are in the Sign of Scorpio, you have had a fascination with life and death issues. Your conscious mind would have been forced to face these fears over some transits you have been through.
  2. Your Natal Jupiter makes a Sextile aspect to BOTH your Natal Mercury and Neptune offering a ‘productive’ way for you to integrate spiritual philosophies into both your conscious and subconscious mind at the same time. It is not a tight orb, but one that allows you to integrate this Higher Mind with your Mercury/Neptune Conjunction.
  3. Your 3rd Higher Mind is Uranus and he makes a 5D/magical aspect to your Natal Neptune, which is Conjunct your Natal Mercury so he essentially touches both minds with his god-like revelations. Because he is in a 5D aspect to these 2 Planets in Scorpio, it is no doubt this is the reason for your ability to write about 5D Astrology. Where Uranus in hard aspects or even in 3D aspects, can be a bit much to handle at times, this magical aspect allows you elevate your reasoning and knowing mind to a higher vibration where new, radical and bold ideas can emerge creating magical new outcomes. This aspect softens any hard edges Uranus’ shocking style would bring out through 3D aspects.
  4. MORE…

Part 3 – Other Soulful points that act like ‘Higher Minds’ due to the placements in your chart:

  1. Your South Node, which shows your other-life skills is in PIsces, the Sign of the subconscious. This is not the only lifetime where you have developed your subconscious abilities to know many types of things by accessing this realm. Your Part of Fortune is in your 12th House of the subconscious showing a significant part of this incarnation is to work with the subconscious mind.
  2. Your BML is in your 9th House by Sun Sign, ruled by Jupiter, a Higher Mind Planet. This is your Superhero Power to see the really big cosmological picture and ‘ascension’ ideas of a higher reality…..
  3. MORE….

Part 4 – Transits Assisting you Right Now in achieving 5D awareness:

  1. Transiting Uranus in your 11th House, which he rules…. explained
  2. Transiting Jupiter in your 11th House by Sun Sign, which Uranus rules… explained
  3. Transiting Neptune Trine Natal Neptune… explained

Current and Upcoming Magical Aspects to your Mind Planets:

  1. Transiting Uranus Biquintile Natal North Node… explained
  2. MORE
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