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Magical Date Night! – Aug 19 & 20

Snapshot: Building on Friday night through Saturday noon, we have 2 magical aspects between our male and female energies and 2 Higher Minds. It will be an awesome opportunity for men and women to get along and more! At 7:15am Mars at 7:50 Sagittarius Quintiles Jupiter at 25:50 Virgo. Jupiter rules Mars in Sagittarius anyway…


A Mother’s Love Goes Universal – Jul 2

Snapshot: Saturday continues the magic with some expression around mom, home, family, land and traditions and ways we will integrate these areas into our new lifestyle. This will likely occur late on Friday night/Saturday morning. We will wake up to some clarifying goals that will hold us accountable to our new philosophies as well. And…

Magic and Adjustment – Apr 10

Sunday is a busy day with 4 aspects… one of them a Magical wrap-up of the 3-way that began yesterday with the Sun and Uranus in double-magic to Jupiter bringing us our new ‘Lifestyle M.O.’ At 4:39am on Sunday Mercury at 7:49 Taurus Semi-Squares Chiron at 22:49 Pisces. Some words or expressions from you to…

Magical Eclipse Video

Needless to say, I think my 5D awareness is only going to keep manifesting;) Its so magical the way the Universe provides you the insight you need at the time only to discover how magical it will play out later. Hope you are feeling some magic, too!