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Uranus Stations Rx – Aug 3

At 1:31am (EST) on Thursday morning Uranus at 28:32 Aries Stations Retrograde. He has been slowing down some of the last few weeks preparing for this change in direction… metaphorical and not physical. Retrogrades only ‘appear’ from the Earth’s perspective due to the orbits around the Sun. This is my least favorite Rx Planet. Why?…


Healing Venus, Inferior Conjunction & Pluto Rx – Apr 19&20

At 5:56am on Wednesday (EST) We have the Quarter Moon at 27:32 Capricorn and Aries. Not a real strong energy, but one that shows us something of the monthly Aries cycle from New Moon in Aries, Full Moon in Libra and Quarter Moon in Capricorn. We may have felt on Monday evening some of the…