Learn to FEEL 5D Astrology


Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 1.37.42 PMMy name is Beth Bridgman and I write a daily newsletter covering the Aspects made between the Transiting Planets each day. These aspects affect all of us in a similar way and each of us in a very unique way. But if you can be aware of how each aspect FEELS, you can become aware of each Planet’s energies and you are one step closer to having a 5D/Merlin Mind.

Uranus has revealed to me the fastest, easiest way to help everyone learn 5D Astrology for themselves. Basically, the entire process that I have been using, with a few extras steps will have you on your way. Here is the recipe:

  1. Follow my daily posts and try to identify the aspects in YOUR life each day.
  2. Do a monthly or bi-monthly Phone Reading with me to help you better identify things occurring in YOUR life. This enhances your awareness of the Planets. First Reading is FREE.
  3. Order a 3-month Personal Daily Transit Report (this covers aspects made to YOUR natal Planets each day… it helps you FEEL your Fixed Energies of YOUR life.) This Report comes with a Keyword List that BREAKS THE CODE of understanding Astrology!! It can be sooo simple! We will discuss cost at the First Reading.
    1. After our First Phone Reading, I will determine the level of dimensional energies you are experiencing and write a Transit Report that will assist you in dealing better with 3D or 4D aspects and to vibrate with your 5D aspects.
  4. After 3 months of this, we will do a Webinar so you can ask questions and SEE how to actually follow the Transits for yourself.
  5. Do this for 6 months (2 Reports and monthly Readings) and YOU can be reading your own chart and OTHERS!

Another way to begin the process of Learning 5D Astrology would be to start with a Merlin Mind Report to see how your Magical, 5D mind works in your chart.

WARNING! Don’t try to do Astrology with your Mercury mind or you will simply be repeating your 3D reality again. You KNOW the Planetary energies, you have felt each of them before, you just didn’t know what they were. Now you will learn to identify their energies, see their timings and KNOW what is going on in YOUR life!! And others!

5D Astrology IS the ‘Theory of Everything’ (TOE) and without knowing the process and timings you can not achieve the consciousness that you can have WHEN you KNOW.

By following and FEELING the Planets, you can learn to become a Merlin Mind ‘Wizard’!!

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