Changing Signs and Directions

Over the next 8 days we have quite a few changes of Planets into new Signs or Planets Stationing Direct or Retrograde. This means there will be plenty of energy shifts to shake things up!

Kicking it all off will be Mercury Stationing Retrograde at 15:55 Libra at 2:10pm on Thursday afternoon. Mercury in the Sign of Libra has everyone thinking and talking about ‘relating-ships.’ As Mercury is still Square to Pluto, there may be some tension in the air. And as Mercury slows down to flip his direction, there is always a bit more angst.

On the heels of this Station, Saturn is sitting at the last few minutes of Scorpio wrapping up his 2.5 year accountability check around how we share ourselves in exchange for the use of other people’s money. At 11:00pm Thursday evening, Saturn will finally slip into Sagittarius and begin applying to a Square to Neptune… more to come on what will happen when our 2 Karmic Planets of 3D meet in a Square.

On the 23rd, the Sun will ingress Libra and prepare to Conjunct Mercury in that Sign on Sep 30. Right now with Mercury so far ahead of the Sun, our thoughts and ideas are carried away with themselves. The Sun shows us realtime and it will require Mercury to reconnect with the Sun to ensure our plans are viable.

On the 25th, Pluto will Station Direct at 12:58 Capricorn. Father-like authorities are in a bit weaker position right now, but once he is Direct, we may notice them asserting themselves into your ‘business’ more.

On the same day, Mars will ingress Virgo helping us all to get with a new fitness program, get motivated for organizing things and or challenging our bosses. We will initiate service to others.

And don’t forget, at 10:31am on Wednesday morning, Jupiter at 7:58 Virgo Opposes Neptune in Pisces. See what you can about how to manage these 2 Higher Minds. It will be a very unique expression for each of us so there is not much to share here. If you have been drinking more, this is a common result of this ‘hard’ aspect between these 2 Planets.

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