Mercury Squares Chiron; Wounding Words – Jul 19, EST

At 2:27am Vesta Ingresses Libra.

Vesta is an Asteroid/Dwarf Planet that rules the types of people we are deeply connected with. Named after the ‘Vestal Virgins’ who kept the spiritual fires burning, Vesta shows us who are deepest ‘hood’ is in our Natal Charts. In Transits, we could find that we are more likely to relate to people and do so with greater desire now. See if you recognize this shift of energy.

At 10:52am Mercury at 12:55 Cancer Squares Chiron Rx at 12:55 Aries.

Some wounding words that could create some drama with family members. Chiron in Aries has us all feeling insecure at times and this Square energy doesn’t help. But the 5D lesson of Chiron aspects is to recognize its just an ‘experience’ and not to buy into the pain of it. But Mercury IS 3D energy and can make it hard to not react… especially as he is in Cancer that rules Cardinal Water (aka initiating emotion). Try not to react with anger (Aries) and let the words slide right off of you.

At 3:17pm the Sun at 27:20 Cancer Semi-Sextiles Venus at 27:20 Leo.

A minor aspect that helps us see our desires for fun can be nurturing to family members as well. Or maybe we will spoil our family with some extra love.

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