Mars Quintiles the North Node & Sun Biquintiles Jupiter Rx – Jul 16/17

Friday, Jul 16, EST

At 2:41am Venus at 23:05 Leo Quincunx Neptune Rx at 23:05 Pisces.

We need to adjust our desire for fun, children, entertainment and romance because something doesn’t feel exactly right in the pit of our stomach or some vague internal nudging to adjust. This aspect could well play out in our dreams and we are acting out the scenario to adjust ourselves based on some values that we hold. Or we may need to adjust our spending as it could be making us a bit unsettled.

At 12:46pm Mars at 21:40 Leo Quintiles the North Node at 9:46 Gemini.

But by afternoon,, all systems are ‘go’ for fun, romance, entertainment and children. We are ready to be the star of the show or at least our own show. We could be seeking fun with classmates, children, siblings and more. We can effortlessly initiate communications with our neighbors and others in our community. We can dazzle with our actions, willpower, confidence and words.

At 10:45pm the Sun at 24:46 Cancer Semi-Squares the North Node at 9:46 Gemini.

Here what we see with family may irritate us a bit. Where we were risk-takers in the afternoon, we are more security-conscious and private now. Our communications with family could rub someone the wrong way… likely a sibling, cousin, etc.

Saturday, Jul 17, AM

At 6:08am the Sun at 25:03 Cancer Biquintiles Jupiter Rx at 1:03 Pisces.

This aspect may keep us from feeling any irritation at all. Jupiter allows us to rise above anything that is less than optimistic, abundant and benevolent. Now we have a double-magic, effortless energy of seeing just what we need to do in order to nurture a family member. There is a deep harmony where hesitation couldn’t possibly exist. Use to the fullest extent that you can. Set your goals and purpose high and you are likely to come out smelling like a rose.

At 6:10am the Moon at 25:04 Libra Squares the Sun at 25:04 Cancer creating the First Quarter Moon.

A minor aspect that puts our goals for family and nurturing at odds with our significant other, close friend or open enemy.

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