Venus Conjuncts Mars, Magic & Chiron Stations Retrograde – Jul 13-15

Tuesday, Jul 13, EST

At 9:33am Venus at 19:49 Leo Conjuncts Mars at 19:49 Leo.

This aspect in Leo means both sexes are having a good time… together!! Or your own male and female energies are in a agreement on your entertainment or romantic pursuits. Both sexes could be entertaining the children or just having some fun in the sun.

Thursday, Jul 15

At 1:38am Venus at 21:05 Leo Quintiles the North Node at 9:50 Gemini.

Mercury rules the North Node Transiting his Sign but the North Node adds in the Soulful energy to the lower 3D ways of Mercury. The 5D/magical/effortless aspect means that our communication, thoughts and ideas are working well with our desires for fun and romance. Or we will look beautiful as we take center stage with our words and ideas. What gets expressed is worth noting.

At 4:49am the Sun at 23:06 Cancer Trines Neptune Rx at 23:06 Pisces.

Today is a great day to get clear about how our family offers us deep contentment. Some aspect of our lives is being dissolved by Neptune and we can actually SEE (Sun) what is leaving our lives OR how it has enriched our lives at the same time. We are able to easily set new family goals for moving forward.

At 5:57am Mercury at 5:29 Cancer Biquintiles Saturn Rx at 11:29 Aquarius.

How we express our feelings today is magical to those in our social network or those who help us in our careers. We can see how all things home may be restricting our socializing, but it means we are enjoying better times with home and family. Our career aspirations can even be enhanced by the way we are more present at home.

At 12:40pm Chiron at 12:56 Aries Stations Retrograde.

As he Retrogrades, there can be some issue hanging in mid-motion that we are NOT pursuing or NOT acting on due to some insecurity. From today until Dec 19, Chiron will move back to 8:26 Aries before Stationing Direct. The Soulful lessons are the last year are not behind us yet. But the 2nd pass is rarely as painful or difficult to manage. If you have been lethargic, lacking motivation or too insecure to assert yourself, you will be in review mode now.

At 5:19pm Mercury at 6:16 Cancer Semi-Squares Mars at 21:16 Leo.

A fast-moving aspect that could bring some irritating words as someone’s motivation for fun seems to be too frivolous for some feeling-types. Mercury in the Moon’s Sign of Cancer is emotion-laden thoughts, ideas and words. Mars is pursuing fun with no strings attached. Of course there will be some irritation here.

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