Great Awakening, Debt Forgiveness & Quantum Transformation – Jul 2/3

I am writing today as the awareness is pouring in so that you can follow these wonderful energies over the Holiday weekend in the US. These aspects are ones I have to track by stubby pencil so I let my feel of the Planetary energies dictate to me which ones to write about and when. Enjoy!

Friday, Jul 2, EST

At 8:55am Mercury reaches 19:47 Gemini for his 3rd pass to this degree. This is the degree of the Jun 10 Solar Eclipse. As Mercury was Retrograde and Conjunct the Sun and Moon and Biquintile to Pluto at the time of the Eclipse, this final pass will be the final word on things we thought, heard, said, wrote at that time. So think back to near Jun 10 for how that storyline is now changed. Mercury is already in orb, again, of his 3rd Biquintile to Pluto so that is at play strongly right now as well.

At 1:30pm Mercury at 19:55 Gemini Biquintiles Pluto Rx at 25:55 Capricorn.

Effortless shared resources and intimacy. Announcements around these areas of our lives from government. Pluto is Retrograde so this is his 2nd pass and authority types are in a weaker position right now then when Pluto is Direct in Capricorn. But this double-magic aspect is 5D and offers so much hope around shared resources with the government to include debts, loans, taxes, etc. Pluto is now with a 1 degree (plus one minute) orb of Jupiter’s 1st Conjunction to Pluto on Apr 4, 2020 at 24:54 Capricorn. Jupiter Conjunct Pluto brought ‘stimulus checks’, generous unemployment, forgiveable grants, etc. Now as Pluto nears this same Conjunction point and Stations Direct at 24:19 Capricorn on Oct 6, we are in the window of finalizing some ‘debt (Pluto) forgiveness (Jupiter)’ from now until the Christmas Holiday. But this isn’t the end of the amazing ‘news’ we could hear today!!

Saturday, Jul 3

At 5:05pm Jupiter Rx at 1:54 Pisces Quintiles Uranus AND Deciles Pluto Rx at 25:55 Capricorn.

At 5:05pm Uranus at 13:54 Taurus Trideciles Pluto Rx at 25:54 Capricorn.

This is truly AMAZING energy right now!! This 3-way between Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto is creating some expansive (Jupiter) drastic (Pluto) change (Uranus).

The Quintile beween Jupiter and Uranus is 5D and this is their 2nd pass with Jupiter Retrograde. First Quintile occurred on May 5. This aspect is literally ‘The Great (Jupiter) Awakening (Uranus)’ of humanity. Jupiter rules optimism, spiritual philosophy and broadcasting and Uranus rules ‘save the world’ ideas, electricity, electrical currents and circuits, quantum field, inter and multi-dimensional stuff, philanthropy, charity, revelation. These 2 are ‘waking people up’ to move into the new Age of Aquarius more optimistically. We could see effortless (5D) change to our internet, broadcasting and power grid. Optimism is sky high! So ride this wave! So many ways it can play out!

The Decile of Jupiter to Pluto is literally ‘resourcefulness’ (Decile) of collective (Pisces) optimism (Jupiter) to transform (Pluto) our governmental systems (Capricorn). This Transformation began in earnest of Jan 12, 2020 when Saturn Conjunct Pluto exacted at 22:47 Capricorn. Jupiter and Pluto had 3 exact Conjunctions as well creating the upside to this Transformation. Now they meet in this half-magical aspect of 36 degrees that enables more debt forgiveness, choosing better leaders, developing sound philosophy around governmental structures, etc. This aspect occurs with Jupiter in Pisces which is like an angel sitting on our shoulders because we feel collective optimism. Pisces is our subconscious mind where we are all connected. Jupiter brings optimism that reaches soulful depths. Jupiter and Pluto can bring market collapses, but only to come through it with a better situation from the rubble. We will be optimistic about the collapse of these old financial structures because it serves the greater good.

The Tridecile of Uranus to Pluto is mental growth and unfoldment (Tridecile, 108 degrees) via inspiration, revelation, philanthropy (Uranus) with our shared resources (Pluto) involving public/governmental structures (Capricorn). It is literally Quantum (Uranus, out-of-this-world) Transformation (Pluto). Uranus in Taurus is shaking up EVERYONE’s personal resources, desires and beliefs (Taurus). This aspect is sure to ‘kill’ in order to transform (Pluto) our out-dated ideas around government, power and authority (Capricorn) as we find NEW ways of ‘gifting others’, leveling the financial playing field, quantum electrical circuits and internet as well as financial (Taurus) currency (Uranus).

These aspects will kick-start some very new ways of thinking and we will be transformed in the process to birth a new way of financial enlightenment. Shake off the fear! Go into the light!

At 6:29pm Venus at 8:11 Leo Ses-Squares Neptune Rx at 23:11 Pisces.

Adjust your selfish (Leo) desires (Venus) in order to create more collective ease. In order to see that we all depend on each others.

At 6:51pm the Sun at 12:13 Cancer Quincunx Saturn Rx at 12:13 Aquarius.

Adjust your goals around mom, home, family and land with your response-ability to your social network.

At 9:39pm Mars at 13:55 Leo Squares Uranus at 13:55 Taurus.

This is the 2nd aspect of Mars creating a T-Square of energy with Saturn and Uranus. Mars Opposed Saturn on Thursday morning (9:08am EST). There was some contrast between our actions and our responsibilities. Now we have the ‘sudden awareness’ that we may be getting ahead of ourselves. Accidents are a result of Uranus’s flashes of inspiration and revelation coming right into our Crown Chakra (Mars). If you are hell-bent on ACTING, the awareness needs to shake you up with some ‘fall’ or other mess. Mars in Leo seeks the limelight for his heroism. Uranus is saying ‘don’t forget the larger group and keeping us all on the same level.’ No stars in THIS crowd. We are attracted (Taurus) to groups and circles of people (Uranus). But Mars just wants to have fun and seeks a romantic conquest. So you can see this ‘clash’ energy and how it trips us up, literally. With Mars still opposite Saturn, Mars is reined in and less likely to cause a serious accident. The energy of their T-Square is pouring into Scorpio which calls for transparency and honesty around intimacy and shared resources. Go for the deeper connection (Scorpio) rather than the more light-hearted romance. But keep in mind Uranus can create a sudden attraction that doesn’t serve us well at the same time. Use your awareness and responsibility to navigate your own motivation for fun.

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