Mars, Saturn & Uranus in a T-Square – Jul 1/2

Thursday, Jul 1, EST

At 9:08am Mars at 12:21 Leo Opposes Saturn Rx at 12:21 Aquarius.

Between Thursday and Saturday, Mars will move through the separating Square of Saturn Rx in Aquarius to Uranus in Taurus. Saturn Square Uranus is a sudden change to the status quo. They have already exacted 2 Squares (Feb 17 and Jun 14). Their final Square will occur on Dec 24. For now, Mars is creating a T-Square with their Square. Mars is in the 3rd corner of a Square with the empty corner, or nozzle, of the energy being in Scorpio, the 4th Fixed Energy Sign: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Squares are hard and Karmic. On this first leg of the T-Square, Mars Opposes Saturn. Mars is our ‘go’ energy, our willpower and drive. Saturn is our ‘stop’ energy, cautious and restrictive, creating boundaries. So here we have 2 challenging energies competing for our focus. Mars in Leo is passionate about some romantic notions or fun activities. Saturn in Aquarius is caution around socializing. Creating boundaries within groups of people or restricting group activity.

Mars is already applying to his Square to Uranus so it is hard to detect the 2 aspects separately. Mars Square Uranus is ‘accident’ prone or sudden anger. Mars acts without thinking and Uranus is sudden, shocking and unexpected. You can see how this creates ‘accidents’. Add to their Square the restriction from Saturn and we can have quite a time. Uranus in Taurus is shaking up our Fixed Earth areas of our lives. Things that were ‘solid’ and dependable’ have been changing up. Usually for the best. Uranus in Taurus IS Revaluation of our resources. We are looking at a new currency, new electrical circuits and bringing down the old structures of these same things (Saturn in Aquarius). Mars is the self, but Saturn is authority, Uranus is groups. So, while we may just want to have fun, there are some far bigger objectives that need to be met. Maybe we will be locked-down for a bit again. Or maybe we could have some power outages restricting our activities. Or we could have some sudden changes in resources that we need to be responsible about.

At 5:10pm the Moon at 10:14 Aries Squares the Sun at 10:14 Cancer creating the Last Quarter Moon.

The Moon is ready to act as it Transits through Aries. Our feelings are on our sleeves. The Sun is creating a nurturing space in Cancer, security-conscious and in the Moon’s Sign. This is a minor aspect, but you may sense how your feelings of movement are challenging your goals around mom, home, family and land.

At 8:50pm the Sun at 10:23 Cancer Semi-Sextiles the North Node at 10:23 Gemini.

Now we have some productive clarity around how to incorporate neighbors and community with family plans. Our communication can be more loving and purposeful.

Friday, Jul 2, AM

At 4:41am Mars at 12:51 Leo Trines Chiron at 12:51 Aries.

Mars has just Opposed Saturn but this Trine with Chiron is easy and likely to ease some insecurity and lack of motivation for the moment. If we were hesitant about having fun, we can more easily do so now. Though we will want to be mindful of the applying Square to Uranus. Don’t get ahead of yourself is the perfect phrase for Mars Square Uranus. But for most of the day Friday, this Trine will assist us.

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