Venus Trine Neptune & Mercury Direct – Jun 21/22

Monday, Jun 21, EST

At 9:57am Venus at 23:12 Cancer Trine Neptune at 23:12 Pisces.

This is deep contentment around our desires and values. We can feel beautiful, loving and attractive. We want to nurture and touch and are able to do it easily. If you have been beautifying the home, you are loving the results.

Tuesday, Jun 22

At 6:00pm Mercury at 16:08 Gemini Stations Direct.

So finally Mercury Stations Direct again. But all day can be a bit indecisive as Mercury slows to his stop and moves forward again. We will be done with reviewing and revising things from this point forward. Now we will finalize all the plans and details that Mercury brought up on his 1st pass of 16:08 to 24:43 Gemini, where he Stationed Retrograde on May 29. In his own Sign, Mercury is truest to form. Mercury has been revising our plans, communication style, neighborhoods and communities. He was Conjunct the Sun and Moon at the Solar Eclipse and seeded the new Sun/Mercury cycle at that time. Should be interesting to see him cross the 19-20 degree mark again as we get the final word on the Fresh Start of the Solar Eclipse.

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