Adjusting our Eclipse Plans – Jun 17

At 1:24am the Sun at 26:15 Gemini Quincunx Pluto Rx at 26:15 Capricorn.

Some adjusting, mental clarity. Pluto Rx is doing his thing and just a week ago, he was Biquintile the Sun, Moon and Mercury Rx for the Solar Eclipse at 19:47 Gemini. Now the Sun is making an adjustment aspect to Pluto rather than the effortless energy last week. Pluto is intimacy and shared resources. In the Sign of Capricorn, he is an authority or father-like figure. He is setting boundaries (Capricorn) to your spending and sharing (Pluto). The Sun is going to get some clarity to adjust our goals and purpose in light of a new boundary. Don’t worry, the effortless energy of the Eclipse is in effect for the next 6 months and this aspect will be over in 24 hours for the most part.

At 11:54pm the Moon at 27:09 Virgo Squares the Sun at 27:09 Gemini creating the 1st Quarter Moon.

Some intuition and feelings around work, health, co-workers, daily routine and efficiency in light of our adjusted goals and purpose from above. This Quarter Moon puts us a week away from the Full Moon in Capricorn which will end the ‘Rapid Change’ of the Eclipse Wormhole. So things will slow down a bit soon. But this aspect is going to help us see how much we need to do in order to realize the Fresh Start promised by the Solar Eclipse.

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