Mercury, Venus, Mars & Jupiter – Jun 15/16

Tuesday, Jun 15, EST, PM

We are 5 days past the Solar Eclipse and still in the ‘Rapid Change’ until the Full Moon on Jun 24 at 3:28 Capricorn. Between now and the Full Moon, Jupiter will Station Retrograde on Jun 20, the Sun will Ingress Cancer creating the Summer Solstice on Jun 20 and Mercury will Station Direct on Jun 22. On Jun 25, Neptune will Station Retrograde. So energies will be shifting even as be wrap up the Eclipse Wormhole at the Full Moon.

At 9:07pm Mercury Rx at 17:45 Gemini Semi-Squares Mars at 2:45 Leo.

TSome irritating and aggressive words. You are motivated for fun, but someone wants you to talk with them or pay attention to them. Its rather fast-moving so you will likely move towards the fun and away from all the mental chatter.

Wednesday, Jun 16

At 10:52am Venus at 17:09 Cancer Ses-Squares Jupiter at 2:09 Pisces.

You are beautifying or working from your home and your optimism is very high and you are quite content. Still there is some adjustment to be made in order to create the ease. Your desire to be with family may be keeping you from the larger world and this may be your adjustment.

At 4:11pm Mercury Rx at 17:26 Gemini Semi-Sextiles Venus at 17:26 Cancer.

A minor aspect of beautiful words, nurturing communication, family reunion plans being made.

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