Venus in Soul Awareness & Karmic Adjustment & Sun Squares Neptune – Jun 12/13

Saturday, Jun 12, EST

Over the weekend, Venus will move through some ‘Soul Awareness’ and offer some healing, beauty and touch.

At 2:28pm Venus at 12:28 Cancer Squares Chiron at 12:28 Aries.

Venus offers healing touch. Cancer is mom-style nurturing. Chiron is our Soul’s wounding and right now as Chiron Transits Aries (self) we are all ‘insecure’ from time to time. We are afraid to assert ourselves and if we have to, then it can come out angry with a lot of name-calling. All Baby-Boomers are resorting to this as Chiron is Opposing their Natal Neptune in Libra. Millennials and younger, with Neptune in Capricorn have had Chiron Square their Natal Neptune in Capricorn. These are many of the Black Lives Matter crew. There is a lot of pain being flung around. But Venus here is offering some help with that pain. She is filling the empty corner of a Cardinal Square between 2 Age Group’s Neptunes and Transiting Chiron. Many today we can all offer some healing to each other. Use it!

Sunday, Jun 13

At 1:38am Venus at 13:02 Cancer Sextiles Uranus at 13:02 Taurus.

Venus rules Uranus as he Transits through her own Sign of Taurus. Women can be involved here, or merely our desires. The Sextile is productive and now Venus has the inspiration and awareness around the healing she offered yesterday. She may offer some of her own resources to help someone who is lacking motivation (another possibility with Chiron in Aries) around work or even just getting out of bed. Uranus rules awareness and unexpected inspiration or revelation. We can see some new ways to offer healing or to apply our own values and resources into the equation.

At 4:15am Venus at 13:10 Cancer Quincunx Saturn Rx at 13:10 Aquarius.

This isn’t a ‘hard’ aspect but it does require some ‘adjustment’ to be made. Saturn can be Karmic if we throw the blame for our issues onto someone else. But if you express Saturn’s higher vibrations, you can understand that you are being held responsible for your desires around family, or your use of your resources with family rather than groups or new acquaintances. If you can see that we need to also nurture other folks as if they are our family, you can make that adjustment and move through this successfully.

At 7:39pm the Sun at 23:10 Gemini Squares Neptune at 23:10 Pisces.

Most of the day will be offering clarity around the area of our lives where Neptune is Transiting at the moment. Neptune and Pisces energy is an ‘ending’ energy that works by Neptune bringing in a shroud of fog, and confusion for many, while he slowly dissolves something (or our response to something or someone) out of our lives in order for us to create a new way of managing that area of our lives. Sun and Neptune are meeting at just 2 minutes from the Dec 14 Solar Eclipse degree of 23:08 Sagittarius. While we have already had our next Solar Eclipse, the energies of these Eclipses can last for a few years. You are likely seeing how Neptune is helping you to dissolve some old feelings around the past as you began a new path at the Dec 14 Eclipse. The clarity today will be most helpful even if it seems to work against some of our goals and purpose right now. Neptune could be challenging some of the ‘fresh start’ of the recent Solar Eclipse (Jun 10 at 19:47 Gemini). While the Sun is just out of a tight orb of that Eclipse, the Sun rules our goals and purpose and this Square to Neptune could help us to see what is necessary to stay on track.

NOTE: By 6:01pm on Monday Saturn will exact his 2nd Square to Uranus and we are deeply in the midst of it right now. We are changing the Status Quo or the area of our lives where we have 13:07 Aquarius/Taurus in our charts. For ALL of us, this is about public structures of governments, banks, corporations and politics CHANGING up and equalizing our personal resources in and be responsible to universal sustainability.

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