Sun In the 2nd Saturn/Uranus Square – Jun 3/4

Thursday, Jun 3, EST – The Sun just Semi-Sextiled Uranus yesterday and now Trines Saturn. We can SEE how their 2nd Square is further changing up our foundations, our careers, our resources and freedoms and how this is affecting us in our local community.

At 3:05pm the Sun at 13:25 Gemini Trines Saturn Rx at 13:25 Aquarius.

Easy conscious clarity around groups, social media, freedom, hopes, wishes and dreams and socializing in your neighborhood and community. You can SEE what structures you need to initiate to support your revelatory ideas and bring them to your small town or precinct-type radius. Someone could express to you how your careers plans need some shaking up, but they are in the midst of happening.

This is Part 2 of the Sun moving through the 2nd Saturn Square to Uranus. Now be are seeing how our ‘status quo, careers and public authority/political power is getting shaken up. Fixed Air (Aquarius where Saturn is) is shaking up Fixed Earth (Taurus where Uranus is). This 2nd Square will exact on Jun 14. They are in tight orb now. Time to get CLEAR (Sun) about how their changes to our status quo is affecting our conscious/seen world, our neighborhood and we are seeing ways to express it. I wouldn’t be surprised (Uranus/Aquarius) if you heard something of NESARA/GESARA today.

At 7:33pm Venus at 1:45 Cancer Trines Jupiter at 1:45 Pisces.

This is a wonderful aspect between our 2 Healing Planets. We can expect optimism around our family values. Good fortune in beautifying our home or land. Deep ease around touch and nurturing. Your resources could seem to expand without having to think about it. Love makes things possible.

Friday, Jun 4

At 11:43am Mars at 25:45 Cancer Semi-Squares the North Node at 10:45 Gemini.

So your actions around family may seem too limiting and the Soulful North Node reminds you that your neighborhood is like family too. Mars may be tending the land, mowing it even. For example, he may see some dandelions in his yard that are likely from his neighbors’ yard that doesn’t spend as much time on it. Check yourself and remember we all have our struggles and likely your neighbor views things very differently or has a good reason for not focusing on his/her yard.

At 1:00pm Mars at 25:47 Cancer Biquintiles Jupiter at 1:47 Pisces.

Here you might just decide to extend yourself in a way that helps your neighbor as you can feel a Soulful connection to them. Your actions will create effortless goodwill and you will feel the magical effect of it all. Your actions tonight will hit just the right chord creating a very fortunate situation around you and your larger, global family.

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