Adjust to Create an Ease – Jun 1

At 2:57am Venus at 28:27 Gemini Ses-Squares Saturn Rx at 13:27 Aquarius.

Venus in Gemini is beautiful expression of love and values or female siblings and classmates. Saturn in Aquarius is limiting our socializing and holding us accountable to groups and social media. The Ses-Square demands an adjustment that will create an ease. You may be afraid to express your love or values on social media or to a group, so you adjust yourself in order to create an ease. An authority in the group may not appreciate your flowery words so you scale them back a bit and all goes well.

At 3:54pm the Sun at 11:32 Gemini Ses-Squares Pluto Rx at 26:32 Capricorn.

Another Ses-Square between conscious clarity, goals, purpose and plans and our use of power and shared resources. Maybe you see what is needed in your community and you want some resources to be applied there, but you need to adjust your plans do to the limit set by the benefactor. Or the Pluto entity is on a power trip and you see new ways to deal with him/her that involve adjusting your own ego to allow room for theirs.

NOTE: Likely you are already feeling the impending Mars Opposition to Pluto Rx that exacts at 3:45pm on Saturday, Jun 5 at 26:28 Cancer/Capricorn respectively. There is likely some competing issues that are arising or a confrontation that is brewing. Watch the storyline start to build so you can find ways to manage any aggression more successfully. Mars and Pluto can create wars when poorly aspected. Mars in Cancer is aggressive emotion. Pluto in Capricorn is often someone misusing their authority. Watch for some ways to prepare yourself to diffuse potential situations.

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