Mercury Stations Retrograde – May 29

Saturday, May 29, EST

At 1:12am Mercury at 24:42 Gemini Conjuncts Venus at 24:42 Gemini.

Mercury rules Venus Transiting through his Sign of Gemini. So we have double Mercury energy of mental thoughts, ideas and plans as well as cars, local travel and transportation and siblings, neighbors and classmates. Venus brings in some beauty to our words, our ideas and makes us appealing to those in our community. We can expect to express our desires and achieve some touch as well in the form of a hug, a kiss or a massage. Keep in mind, though, that Mercury is just one minute from his Retrograde Station and is indecisive so if you don’t come across as clear-headed as you’d hoped, this would be the cause.

At 6:34pm Mercury at 24:43 Gemini Stations Retrograde.

Finally Mercury changes direction (well from the perspective of the Earth he APPEARS to be moving in reverse, but isn’t). From now until Jun 22, Mercury will retrace his steps back to 16:08 Gemini where he first crossed on May 15. All of our plans and ideas are set to be reworked, reviewed and revised. In 3D, you would can really be thrown by Mercury Retrogrades, but in 5D, you know to trust your Higher Mind Planets to guide you. Mercury is right now 16 degrees ahead of the Sun. He will meet the Sun in their Inferior Conjunction on the evening of Jun 10 roughly 14 hours after the Solar Eclipse 20:21 Gemini. Their Conjunction will be tightly Conjunct the Eclipse degree of 19:47 Gemini adding mental clarity to the next 6 months of the Eclipse cycle.

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