Venus is Nervous than Fearless – May 27/28

Thursday, May 27, EST

At 3:25pm Venus at 22:59 Gemini Squares Neptune at 22:59 Pisces.

Venus and Neptune in a ‘hard’/3D aspect can create a hesitancy to touch or to offer love. In the Sign of Gemini, which rules communication, there is a hesitancy to express ourselves or our love for someone. We have some 3D ‘separation consciousness’ going on and that can only be combatted by recognizing it for what it is. When we ‘doubt’ (Neptune/Pisces) someone’s love for us, we are buying into the ‘separation consciousness.’ But the truth of Neptune/Pisces is that we are ALL connected and the ‘separation’ of self from others is merely an illusion. That may be harder to see and appreciate this afternoon. Gemini rules siblings, cousins, neighbors and classmates and is where Karma starts. So this Square can be doubly troubling to feel a connection. But shake it off, 3D aspects are NOT the truth of higher consciousness. They are the ‘lie’ of the 3D world.

Friday, May 28

At 10:58am Venus at 23:58 Gemini Quintiles Chiron at 11:58 Aries.

Now we get an effortless energy that help us to touch and express our love. We may be able to initiate some action as well in a way that closes any distance between us. This 5D/magical/effortless energy can help us work through any angst or insecurities we have been feeling of late. Healing is on tap and it will TOUCH your SOUL when you hear it or feel it.

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