Mercury Squares Neptune & Saturn Stations Retrograde – May 22-23

At 10:43pm on Sat (May 22, EST) Mercury at 22:53 Gemini Squares Neptune at 22:53 Pisces.

This is a perfect aspect that causes suppressed ideas to surface and be spoken, creating a bit of Karmic reverb. You need to SEE that which you have been trying to hide, ignore or avoid. You need to mentally process that which you were unsure about. Whether the words are directed at you or from you, it needed to be said. Now the trick is just to acknowledge this idea or thought was buried in the collective unconscious mind that connects us all and NOT to buy into it. It doesn’t mean that its true or ‘real’ at this moment in time. It may simply be pointing out your subconscious fear. SEE it, recognize it and let it go. Mercury will make 2 more Squares to Neptune during Phase 2 & 3 of his Retrograde cycle: Jun 5 while Rx and Jul 6. Look for the same ‘fear’ to be revisited and your thoughts revised.

At 5:19am on Sun (May 23) Saturn Stations Retrograde at 13:31 Aquarius.

Saturn in Aquarius has had us limiting our socializing. Saturn first dipped into Aquarius last year on Mar 23, 2020 creating the ‘lockdown’ for CV 19. Saturn progressed to 1:57 Aquarius before Retrograding on May 11. Saturn returned to Capricorn from Jul 1 until Dec 17 when He Ingressed Aquarius again. Jupiter caught up to Saturn on Dec 21 at the first degree of Aquarius creating the ‘Great Conjunction.’ Jupiter sped through Aquarius and Ingressed Pisces on May 13 this year. Now Saturn is the only Planet Transiting through Aquarius and we are still ‘limiting’ our socializing. Some are still ‘social distancing’ and other left-overs to the CV19 crap. Saturn, however, makes us very response-able to the Aquarian energies at the moment… that would be the 5D expression of Saturn. We are initiating structures for groups, for public systems of ‘freedom’ and establishing new electrical currents and ways of disseminating awareness that is universal and even FREE… according to Aquarian/Uranian philanthropy. As Saturn Stations Retrograde, we will begin to review the changes (Aquarius) to our public structures (Saturn) and make necessary revisions in order to create new foundations for universal thought and equality in all governmental, political and corporate structures. Aquarius/Uranus rules electrical currents and ‘currency’, as in money as well. New systems are due in this realm as part of the on-going 42 year cycle of Saturn Conjunct Pluto on Jan 12, 2020… Transformation of all authority and public structures: banks, corporations, government entities and father-like roles, careers, etc.

Saturn will return to 6:53 Aquarius on Oct 11 when he will Station Direct and begin Phase 3 of his Retrograde cycle. We can expect to continue to review necessary changes to our boundaries, borders, structures, etc to better align with the New Aquarian age.

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