Venus Quintiles Neptune & Jupiter Ingresses Pisces – May 12/13

Wednesday, May 12, EST

At 2:33pm Mercury at 13:26 Gemini Trines Saturn at 13:26 Aquarius.

This is a nice, easy aspect allowing us to communicate with an authority or with authority to a group of people or new acquaintances. Saturn holds us response-able and tends to feel like some restriction, but if you stay in the lines, there is some reward and recognition for doing so. This aspect makes that all easier to achieve. Mercury is just a few days from entering Phase 1 Shadow of his upcoming Retrograde cycle. So what gets communicated and expressed today is the final word from an authority for the next few months.

At 5:33pm Venus at 4:41 Gemini Quintiles Neptune at 22:41 Pisces.

This is a wonderful, magical aspect between our desires and deep-seated contentment in our subconscious mind. The aspect makes this magical. It is effortless to express our desires or to reach out and touch a sibling, cousin or classmate in a healing way. Beauty is achieved and it is both inner and outer that we can understand. Venus is nearing the degree of the upcoming Lunar Eclipse, at 5:25 Sagittarius. Venus at 5:25 Gemini will be where the Sun is for this Eclipse. We may feel some early feelings about what emotions are leaving our lives at the Lunar Eclipse.

Thursday, May 13

At 1:45am the Sun at 22:42 Taurus Sextiles Neptune at 22:42 Pisces.

Another productive aspect to Neptune. The Sun shines some light into Neptune’s fog and we get to see what he is dissolving and morphing. With the New Moon in Taurus just behind us, we now have a sense of our goals and purpose for earning and acquiring and we are clear on our desires and values. But today we can see how what has been leaving our lives has allowed for this new opening. Something new and beautiful is being planted.

At 6:36pm Jupiter Ingresses Pisces.

From Aquarius to Pisces is a vastly different energy. Every aspect of our lives is moving in the Opposite direction right now as we wrap up the hidden things from the Age of Pisces and move into the enlightened things of the Age of Aquarius. But Jupiter is reversing this order today. Jupiter brings good fortune, optimism and benevolence to all that he touches. In Aquarius he has been creating spiritual philosophies that groups of people are drawn to. He has increased the desire for Aquarian freedom even while Saturn in the same sign is creating the opposite effect. As he steps into Pisces, Saturn will hold sway over Aquarian energy, but Jupiter will lighten up the deep, dark energy of Neptune. He will cause us to ‘address’ these hidden things through means such as ‘broadcasting’ and making the ‘hidden things’ a global issue. Legal matters around these hidden elements is another way things can be addressed and brought to light. Jupiter will only reach 2:11 Pisces before Stationing Retrograde on Jun 20. Where the subconscious mind can be a real problem for those in 3D and 4D, Jupiter does elevate the energy and we can more easily move through things.

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