Into the Eclipse Wormhole – May 11

As the New Moon exacts, Mars is still exacting the remainder of aspects in the 5-way from yesterday and this morning. You likely heard some dramatic words and now there will be some action in response to it. Thankfully the evening brings some Soul Awareness around these things.

At 3:00pm the Moon at 21:18 Taurus Conjuncts the Sun at 21:18 Taurus creating the annual New Moon in Taurus.

With this New Moon we can expect to have a ‘fresh start’ around our beauty, desires, values, available resources and earned income. It is the time to ‘plant’ those seeds into the Fixed Earth. Uranus Transiting the Sign of Taurus for the last few years has really been shaking up the way we earn a living and often times has had us relying on charity or philanthropy rather than working. Our finances may have been erratic over the last few years. But in unexpected ways, you likely realized you could survive the shake-ups and instability. Now, something new is likely taking root with this New Moon. Uranus likes to make things equal and universal so there are some exciting new ‘financial’ revelations taking root. The New Moon signals the annual focus on the Sign it occurs in. So expect some fresh ways of acquiring and some shocks around finances and currency (Uranus).

This New Moon occurs 2-weeks before the first Eclipse in this Eclipse cycle. On May 26, we will have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 5:25 Sagittarius followed by a New Moon Solar Eclipse at 19:47 Gemini on Jun 10. The next 6 weeks are a time of ‘Rapid Change’ as the Eclipses energize the axis of Gemini/Sagittarius. We can expect these changes to involve communication/broadcasting, K-12/college education, local/global ideas and situations, spiritual and philosophical ideas.

But the wormhole will speed things up considerably so get ready to fly through the next 6 weeks. The Wormhole ends at the Full Moon at 3:28 Capricorn on Jun 24.

At 7:54pm Mars at 11:15 Cancer Squares Chiron at 11:15 Aries.

Yesterday there were some words Mercury Sextiled Chiron, but now we have some harsher aggression as Mars Squares Chiron. Mars in Cancer is security-conscious. Chiron in Mar’s Sign of Aries is either unmotivated or insecure. Some could slam the door in your face. Or they could frustrate you by their inability to act.

At 10:48pm Mars at 11:20 Cancer Sextiles Uranus at 11:20 Taurus.

However by time this aspect exacts, there could be some revelation and inspiration that helps you to break the log-jam or frustration around asserting yourself or someone else asserting themselves. Your actions in support of home and family will be inspired even if a bit surprising or unexpected.

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