Venus Squares Jupiter & Enters Gemini – May 8

Saturday, May 8, EST

At 9:38am Venus at 29:22 Taurus Squares Jupiter at 29:22 Aquarius.

While Squares are usually 3D and offer some Karmic/hard energy, when the 2 Healing Planets are in a Square you are able to ‘fix’ a hard situation. Right now they are meeting on the ‘critical’ degree (Anaretic degree) of 2 Signs. The 29+ degree is ‘quintessential’ energy of the Sign. Venus is in her own Sign and wants to be approachable, hug or touch someone. Jupiter is feeling unexpectedly optimistic. The Square just challenges us to seek their higher vibration. You may need to reach out to a senior family member, like a grandparent. Or you could find some resources that you really needed to have some fun with a group of people you just met. While you need to work harder to be optimistic, you can probably still achieve it here. Jupiter rules broadcasting and Venus rules the voice. You may think you WANT to go sing some karaoke, but could have a moment of uncertainty until you finally just start to sing.

At 10:01pm Venus Ingresses Gemini.

Venus in Gemini is beautiful words, speaking your truth and beliefs, looking good in the ‘hood and all local attractions: siblings, neighbors, cars, rumor mill, local venues, etc. So for the next 30 days, roughly, we will be loving our local surroundings. We will want to talk with our neighbors and beautify our neighborhood. Chattiness is attractive. Beautiful cars or beautifying your car is on the agenda.

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