Mercury Into Gemini – May 3, PM

At 10:49pm (EST) on Monday Ingressed Gemini.

He is now ‘home’ in the Sign he rules. He is truest to form in Gemini: chatty, mental, driving and being in his neighborhood and community. He is around his siblings, classmates and planning Graduations, especially from his K-12 schools. He is double-minded in his truest state so look for the ‘duality’ and understand that is his nature. Though if you buy into the ‘Opposite Day’ antics of his energies, you DO create some Karmic reverb.

Mercury will Retrograde as he Transits through Gemini. On May 29, Mercury will have reached 24:43 Gemini when he Stations Retrograde. His 3-week Retrograde motion will continue back to 16:28 Gemini on Jun 22 when he will Station Direct. Those with Planets and Points between 16-25 Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces will feel this Retrograde cycle the strongest. Of course Geminis and Gemini Risings will also feel it strongly. My ASC is at 18:06 Gemini. But I always use my Higher-Mind Planets for 5D navigation through Mercury’s 3D shenanigans.

Mercury will Trine Saturn on May 12. He will Square Neptune 3 times: May 22, Jun 5, (the same day Mars Opposes Pluto…so keep your mind straight as possible); and Jul 6. And he Mercury will Biquintile Pluto 3 times: May 19, Jun 10 and Jul 2.

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