Uranus Semi-Sextiles Chiron – Soul Awareness – May 2/3

At 6:38pm Venus at 22:26 Taurus Sextiles Neptune at 22:26 Pisces.

Both of these Planets are Transiting their own Sign. They are in their most natural energy state. The Sextile makes touch possible without subconscious hesitation. You can acquire the resources you need without fear of ‘lack.’ You are beautiful and your values suit the situation.

Monday, Mar 3

At 5:33am Mercury at 28:42 Taurus Squares Jupiter at 28:42 Aquarius.

Both Planets are nearing an Ingress into new Signs. Mercury is moving very fast and will enter Gemini, his own Sign, later this evening. There is either too much talk or your spiritual philosophy is hard to express to some in your group.

At 6:01am the Sun at 13:12 Taurus Squares Saturn at 13:12 Aquarius.

Mercury and Venus have moved through this Square and so there have been words and desires challenged by some Karmic fear/stress/responsibility from Saturn. Now we have the clarity around what Saturn is up and how it is affecting our available resources, ability to acquire and our values. Saturn in Aquarius has been much of the ‘lockdown’ energy associated with Covid. Aquarius is about socializing and meeting in groups and Saturn tends to make us serious or restricts the fun we might have around meeting new people and enjoying ‘freedom.’ What you get clear about will reveal more of what occurred as Mercury and Venus were in this Square on Apr 25.

At 7:04am Uranus at 10:50 Taurus Semi-Sextiles Chiron at 10:50 Aries.

This aspect has been in play most of the last year, but exacting now. Uranus and Chiron play a role in the ‘vaccination’ issue. The current Uranus/Pluto cycle we are in began with their Conjunction in the Sign of Virgo which rules ‘healthcare.’ Uranus and Pluto energy combined create ‘drastic change’ and ‘unexpected death’ in 3D. Uranus is separating from a BiSeptile to Pluto (102.51 degrees) which brings ‘spiritual responsibility and connection to group Karma energies). So these aspects have been creating some very noticeable energies. As Uranus exacts this aspect to Chiron, we should have some Soul Awareness around the self, values, desires, resources, insecurity, lack of motivation and touch. Look for the Soulful flashes of awareness to surprise you.

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