Mercury Trines Pluto – May 1/2

Saturday, May 1, EST

At 12:38am the Sun at 11:02 Taurus Semi-Sextiled the North Node at 11:02 Gemini.

This aspect is separating now, but no doubt it brought you some clarity around your values/valuables and your communication or community plans and goals. The North Node is almost 2/3 of the way through Gemini and has been emphasizing LOCAL vs GLOBAL thoughts and ideas; local transportation vs long-distance transportation and travel, siblings/neighbors vs foreigners/philosophers. The Sun in Taurus is getting clear about what we value and love and right now the message is likely to ‘love thy neighbor as thyself.’ In what ways can you do more of this?

At 4:01pm Mercury at 25:45 Taurus Semi-Squares Chiron at 10:45 Aries.

Some irritating and wounding words. But Mercury in Taurus could also offer some healing words as well. Many are still feeling very insecure and are happy to hide behind a mask. Mercury is thinking about beauty and touch. Aries and Libras are thinking they look more beautiful with the mask on. It can make some more comfortable to be approached and spoken to. But the person they are speaking to may not be able to feel so loving as the mask is creating a barrier to their desires to touch you and be near you.

Sunday, May 2, AM

At 5:19am Mercury at 26:48 Taurus Trines Pluto at 26:48 Capricorn.

Thankfully this aspect is applying while Mercury met Chiron and is offering us some assistance from authority-types or even from someone who has misused their authority over us. For now there is an ease in our talking to these Pluto-types. Some healing words. Some healing touch. Investment or financial backings flow smoothly now. And if someone expresses their desires to you, you are likely to respond favorably. Honesty and transparency will make for easier merging.

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