Sun Aspects 2 Higher-Mind Planets & Chiron – Apr 29/30

Thursday, Apr 29, EST

At 10:26pm Mercury at 22:22 Taurus Sextiles Neptune at 22:22 Pisces.

This is a productive aspect for communication. We are content with our ideas and our desires. There is an inner calm to convey the loving words that we wish to express. Mercury is nearing a Trine to the degree of the current Saturn/Pluto cycle that began on Jan 12, 2020 at 22:47 Capricorn. So some of what we say or hear or write today is likely to express some of the transformation of structures that the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction initiated.

Friday, Apr 30

At 1:09am Venus at 19:05 Taurus Semi-Squares Mars at 4:05 Cancer.

This aspect can be annoying and irritating. Mars is security consciousness and wanted to hide away from the world, safe at home. Venus is feeling beautiful and may want some touch. But she rubs Mars the wrong way. Or Mars’ sensitivity right now is making him a true crab or crabby.

At 5:43am the Sun at 10:16 Taurus Quintiles Jupiter at 28:16 Aquarius.

A most fortunate aspect. While your ego may be desiring some beauty and/or pampering, your spiritual nature is helping you to be benevolent and offer good fortune to others or to gratefully receive it for yourself. Optimism is easy. You could shine on social media and enjoy a group activity. Or philanthropy and random acts of kindness are all possible. Clarifying revelation is effortless.

At 3:54pm the Sun at 10:41 Taurus Conjuncts Uranus at 10:41 Taurus.

All day on Friday the Sun will be closing the gap with Uranus so that this aspect is merging with the aspect above. On May 5, Jupiter will Quintile Uranus. But the Sun is amplifying that aspect right now. We are getting clear on our universal spiritual ideas and optimistic around our freedom of speech and broadcasting goals. We can also see more clearly how all the shake-ups in our personal resources has been to the benefit of all and we can embrace universal well-being as our values and desires are changing.

At 4:17pm the Sun at 10:42 Taurus Semi-Sextiles Chiron at 10:42 Aries.

On May 3rd, Uranus will exact a Semi-Sextile to Chiron just prior to Jupiter’s Quintile to Uranus. This is a LOT of 5D energy over the next few days that will see our Higher-Mind Planets of Jupiter and Uranus meeting with the Soulful point of Chiron. Jupiter doesn’t aspect Chiron except through the close timing of their aspects to Uranus.

Today the Sun will show us some of the bizarre reasons we are all feeling insecure and ways to simply accept it. The Sun and Chiron bring a need for gratitude of the Soulful ideas we can SEE clearly today. Its all just an experience so don’t get too wrapped up in it. That is the overall lesson of this weeks’ aspects. Look for the silver lining when you see things from the perspective of your perfect Soul.

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