Pluto Stationed Retrograde – Apr 27

Tuesday, Apr 27, EST

At 4:20pm Pluto at 26:48 Capricorn Stationed Retrograde.

I didn’t get to write this in advance…. Pluto IS Transiting through my 3rd House of communication and blogging by Sun Sign (I’m a Scorpio Sun). Pluto in Capricorn is TRANSFORMING our authority, public structures, social status, politics and careers. Capricorn is the most public Sign. It is the mostly visible Sign. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn which Initiates Earth (building foundations). Pluto destroys to rebuild.

Pluto came very close (within a degree orb) to the US’s Natal Pluto (our Pluto Return) which is at 27:33 Capricorn. Next spring Pluto WILL exact our Pluto Return. We can FEEL the intensity of this impending Conjunction. But thankfully, for now, Pluto will be in a weaker state as he is now Retrograde. We will begin reviewing some of the misuse of authority of our various political, public and commercial/corporate authorities.

Pluto will Station Direct on Oct 6 at 24:19 Capricorn. As he slows to this Station, he will be within 7 minutes of exactly Opposite the US’s Natal Mercury. This aspect has been the ‘dividing’ force of the country between liberals and conservatives. Suspicion is a major part of this aspect as well. So we can look for some fun and games from Sep-mid Nov.

Thankfully, Mars will Oppose Pluto on Jun 5 (between the Lunar and Solar Eclipses) at 26:28 Capricorn while Pluto is Retrograde. Watch this cycle closely because at the US’s Pluto Return on Feb 21, 2022, Mars will be within a 3-degree orb of a Conjunction to Pluto.

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