Sun Squares Pluto & Mercury Quintiles Saturn – Apr 15/16

Thursday, Apr 15, EST

At 9:32am Mercury at 21:55 Aries Semi-Sextiled Neptune at 21:55 Pisces.

This aspect has already occurred by you may reflect back and think that the communications you initiated work out quite well. You were motivated and your message was well received. Or at least you were content with the outcome of your plans, ideas or communication.

At 12:58pm the Sun at 25:57 Aries Sextiles Jupiter at 25:57 Aquarius.

Here we were able to see our motivations and align our social network with goals and optimism was available from others.

Friday, Apr 16

At 1:03am the Sun at 26:26 Aries Semi-Squares the North Node at 11:26 Gemini.

So your ego may be slightly irritated by communication you received. Or your actions irritated a sibling, classmate, neighbor or some school personnel.

At 9:26am the Sun at 26:47 Aries Squares Pluto at 26:47 Capricorn.

This is a bigger aspect that could overshadow the one above. Now you can see your personal goals may challenge someone in authority who has some control over your career plans, political plans or shared resources.

At 2:53pm Mercury at 24:27 Aries Quintiles Saturn at 12:27 Aquarius.

By afternoon, we could receive some much-appreciated communication, contract, or social invitation. Or we may find ourselves receiving some unexpected recognition for our ideas in our circles of power. Or we could be recognized online through social media is a way that really elevates our status. It all can feel a bit like Cinderella on her way to the ball with no hard work on our part.

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