Sextiles & Semi-Sextiles – Apr 10/11

Saturday, Apr 10, EST

At 9:48am Mercury at 11:57 Aries Sextiles the North Node at 11:57 Gemini.

Mercury is moving through the Saturn Trine to the North Node that exacted on Friday night. Now we will personally express that aspect. We are motivated to communicate with our siblings, neighbors, cousins and classmates or to cruise around town and see some of them. It will be a productive morning planning community things and asserting ourselves to neighborhood projects.

At 11:09am Mercury at 12:04 Aries Sextiles Saturn at 12:04 Aquarius.

Here we can express why we are less inclined to meet new people and prefer instead to stick with what is known to us and close to home. Saturn has us being responsible to group meetings and plans, but we are also wanting to do our own thing.

At 2:53pm Venus at 25:05 Aries Sextiles Jupiter at 25:05 Aquarius.

Here we have a desire to socialize right after maybe not making plans to do so. Jupiter is optimistic about group activities and Venus is happy to assert her beautiful self. We may desire to share our values with a group to increase awareness for ourselves and others.

Sunday, Apr 11, AM

At 7:10am the Sun at 21:47 Aries Semi-Sextiles Neptune at 21:47 Pisces.

A minor aspect but it is always helpful to have the Sun in aspect to Neptune so we can SEE into his fog of confusion to see what he has been dissolving, morphing or having us avoid. In Aries, the Sun is showing us our personal goals and purpose and how we can take action on these things. But Neptune shows us how content we are with these plans. See what you can about your deep knowing and how to use it to your advantage.

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