Spring Came in Like a Lion – Mar 21-23

Well, life has intervened in my ability to write my posts since Saturday. What a time though! The Sun and Venus have been rolling through the 5th point of a 5-pointed star in my Natal Chart (0-3 Aries). Needless to say, I have been busy! As a Scorpio Sun, Aries is my 6th House of daily activities, health, productivity, etc.

The aspects for Sunday and today have been plenty! So I’ll try to catch us up.

Sunday, Mar 21, EST

At 6:16pm Mercury at 8:25 Pisces Semi-Sextiled Chiron at 8:25 Aries.

Minor aspect around words initiated by someone we haven’t seen in a few days or longer. Or a memory of something helps us to overcome some insecurity.

At 7:35pm Mercury at 8:30 Pisces Sextiled Uranus at 8:30 Taurus.

Unexpected words or encounter with someone unusual or that we are attracted to in some way. Or we find we have some resources we had forgotten about. Or someone unexpectedly helps us out with resources.

At 9:27pm the Sun at 1:39 Aries Quintiled the North Node at 13:39 Gemini.

Effortless clarity around ways to initiate communication or actions to take to help our neighbors and local community.

At 10:35pm Mars at 10:33 Gemini Trined Saturn at 10:33 Aquarius.

This was an easy aspect that may have resulted in less action, but it still felt good. Mars wants to chat someone us right now, but Saturn isn’t crazy about getting out and about socializing. But you managed to find a suitable compromise that feel good.

Monday, Mar 22

At 5:45pm Venus at 1:38 Aries Quintiled the North Node at 13:38 Gemini.

Now as we pursue our objectives and values everything moves along effortlessly as we communicate our ideas to someone in our neighborhood or local community.

Tuesday, Mar 23

At 4:09am Pluto at 26:30 Capricorn Quintiled Chiron at 8:30 Aries.

Someone is able to use their authority to assist you in being less insecure or vice versa. You are comfortable among powerful people and things are magical.

At 6:12am Mercury at 10:40 Pisces Semi-Sextiled Saturn at 10:40 Aquarius.

A minor aspect where we may have held our words on social media or to a group rather than expressing them.

At 1:32pm Mars at 11:31 Gemini Ses-Squared Pluto at 26:31 Capricorn.

An adjustment creates an ease between our motivation to communicate and plan and someone else’s authority to decide what DOES happen.

At 7:39pm Mercury at 11:31 Pisces Semi-Squares Pluto at 26:31 Capricorn.

Our thoughts, words, plans and ideas create an irritation with someone who has some authority over us or who controls the purse strings. Or you may want to avoid an authority type because they are over-bearing.

At 11:26pm Mercury at 11:45 Pisces Squares Mars at 11:45 Gemini.

Best to hold your tongue and think before you act if possible. What does get said or acted upon could create a challenge you need to work through physically or mentally.

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