Spring Equinox – Mar 20

At 5:37am (EST) the Sun Ingresses Aries.

When the Sun crosses into a Cardinal (Initiating Energy) Sign, like Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, it begins/initiates a new season. In the Northern Hemisphere, it is SPRING! And with the Sun at the very first minute of Aries, it is like a baby being born and taking its first breath of fresh air. The womb of Pisces is behind us. Yes, we still have Mercury and Venus in Pisces, though, so our conscious mind and desires are still hidden. BUT we are now CLEAR on our goals and purpose for the next annual cycle.

From Pisces to Aries is a very welcome shift for those who want to begin to SEE the leaves bud or the leaves color (Southern Hemisphere). We want NEW things to happen. We can SEE what lies ahead now that the Sun is out of Pisces’ depths and expressing the Self, our willpower and our purpose.

SPRING INTO ACTION! Little wonder it is the Day for the Worldwide FREEDOM Rally. It truly IS a day of breaking free. Though last Mar 20 we were looking at ‘lockdown’ because Saturn had just Ingresses Aquarius (restricting socializing). Saturn is back in Aquarius again, but we are getting accustomed to that energy.

Venus will follow Sun at 10:16am (EST) on Sunday morning. There our new desires and values will get acted upon. Venus will Conjunct the Sun at 5:51 Aries on Mar 26. Venus will Conjunct Chiron at 8:49 Aries on Mar 28. And the Sun will Conjunct Chiron on Mar 29 at 8:51 Aries. Let’s see how we see the MASK issue that Chiron has brought to our most public House in the Sun (10th House by Sun Sign). Venus’s values are going to be key to what lies ahead regarding the MASK issue. Are we afraid to touch someone else? Or will LOVE overcome the fear of asserting ourselves and the comfort of keeping our face hidden.

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