Sun Sextiles Pluto – Mar 16

Tuesday, Mar 16, EST

At 2:26pm the Sun at 26:23 Pisces Sextiles Pluto at 26:23 Capricorn.

This Sun/Pluto started with the Sun Conjunct Pluto on Jan 14 at 24:38 Capricorn. Now the Sun is 1/6 of the way through their cycle. Something that we SEE clearly today may be tied to something we saw on Jan 14. How do we feel about government oppression? Are we still afraid? Or are we ready to take back our personal sovereignty from the Plutocracy and those Pluto-types in our lives? That IS the purpose of Pluto in Capricorn… to force us into transforming our own sense of power and authority. Pluto is almost within a degree of the US’s Natal Pluto at 27:33 Capricorn. When you hear ‘near death experience’ ready to hit our country, that is our Pluto Return that will exact next year about this time. It IS 1776 all over again. However, as we moving towards the Age of Aquarius and out of the Age of Pisces, we can TRANSFORM ourselves through awareness rather than warfare. So look for the clarity today around your own use of power or your own goals to take back your power.

Keep in mind, the Sun in Pisces is dissolving our old ego, goals and purposes for some fresh new goals to emerge on Saturday at the Spring Equinox. There is a WORLDWIDE FREEDOM RALLY planned in many cities around the world and my little ‘burg’ here as well. We will be ready for clear actions to secure greater freedom and willpower.

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