Venus Meet Neptune & Uranus & Mercury Into Pisces – Mar 13-15

I fell a bit behind on my posts. So see if you can remember what these aspects felt like.

Saturday, Mar 13, EST

At 11:07pm Venus at 20:45 Pisces Conjuncts Neptune at 20:45 PIsces.

Neptune rules Pisces so we have plenty of subconscious desires right now. Though Neptune and Venus in hard aspect, like a Conjunction, can bring out a subconscious fear to touch or avoid someone you do desire. These aspects in 3D can ‘manifest’ in an STD as it externalizes your fear around your desires. Venus in Pisces often has us wanting to isolate. Chill out at home and avoid even earning a living or acquiring what we need.

Sunday, Mar 14

At 3:35am the Sun at 23:57 Pisces Quintiles Mars at 5:57 Gemini.

This is effortless clarity around our motivation to communicate or chat up someone. Though it is possible you just had a restless night as you were pondering if you really were going to act to initiate some communication. Someone subconscious clarity could help you be okay with whether you hear from someone or not.

Monday, Mar 15, AM

At 3:07am the Sun at 24:55 Pisces Semi-Squares Saturn at 9:55 Aquarius.

A minor, though irritating, aspect around subconscious clarity and our restricted socializing. We may see why we are hesitant around groups and mingling with strangers. But it still can annoy us a bit.

At 6:26pm Mercury Ingresses Pisces.

The Sun and Venus are currently Transiting through Pisces so this will be the 3rd Personal Planet bathed in the depths of our subconscious energies. When Mercury moves through the 12th House, you can speak things from Source that you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. But over the course of the next 30 days our thoughts, plans and ideas will be slowly dissolved for new ideas when Mercury Ingresses Aries on Apr 3.

At 11:48pm Venus at 23:14 Pisces Semi-Squares Uranus at 8:14 Taurus.

A minor irritation around some unexpected desire that was hidden or desire for someone you haven’t seen in a while. You could be attracted to someone who is bizarre or strange, but you can’t help it. Or you could have some unexpected resources pop up, but it still feels hard to accept it. Though you SHOULD accept it graciously if you can just accept it in a charitable fashion.

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