Sun Squares the Nodes & Last Quarter Moon – Mar 5/6

Friday, Mar 5, EST is the Last Quarter Moon and that is a very mild aspect except for today the Sun is Square the Nodes of Fate and the Moon is Conjunct the South Node. And our private feelings and intuition are in the Sign of intelligence, wisdom and optimism.

At 12:29pm the Sun at 15:22 Pisces Squares the North Node at 15:22 Gemini.

Our public side, ego and goals are challenging our local community objectives and communications style. The Sun in Pisces is diving deep into our subconscious in order to birth new goals when the Sun Ingresses Aries on Mar 20. How do our purpose and goals run counter to the needs of our neighborhood and local community, siblings, classmates and the like? What is hidden in our subconscious that we need to SEE in order to unlock greater clarity in our communication style? Are we keeping things simple? Are we communicating things at a K-12 level that anyone can understand?

At 8:30pm the Moon at 15:42 Sagittarius Squares the Sun at 15:52 Pisces creating the Last Quarter Moon.

At 7:55pm the Moon at 15:22 Sagittarius Opposed the North Node at 15:22 Gemini. This aspect is so close as the Moon applies to the Sun, we won’t likely detect the difference. With the Moon on the South Node are intuition is of a spiritual nature and we are seeing how well we are applying our spiritual philosophy to our communication, thoughts and ideas in our local community. The Sun is a reality check to see if we are in deep agreement within our own spirit or source. Are we prepared to take our big picture ideas and bring them down to concrete ways of building community?

Saturday, Mar 6

At 6:40am Venus at 11:10 Pisces Semi-Squares Pluto at 26:10 Capricorn.

Venus in Pisces can have us isolating a bit depending on how it hits your chart. Those with Venus in Pisces or the 12th House Natally understand the need for ‘downtime’. We are desiring to be hidden from the hustle and bustle right now. And as she irritates Pluto today, someone in authority may want to drag us out into the public sphere and we would rather not. Or you may have some hesitation around accepting some financial support or with physical intimacy demands. Its an irritation you can work through by seeing how your desires are dissolving as Venus moves through Pisces.

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