3rd Mercury/Jupiter Conjunction – Mar 4

At 10:14am Venus at 8:51 Pisces Semi-Sextiles Saturn at 8:51 Aquarius.

If you are feeling like more isolation is good lately, Venus in Pisces has us desiring solitude. Saturn in Aquarius is restricting our socializing and mingling with groups, so these 2 are in pretty harmonious states at the moment. Our desires are being dissolved while we are cautious about initiating new foundations for socializing. You could be tightening your belt financially, too, as you see sense some confusion or changes to your financial picture.

At 10:27pm Mercury at 17:33 Aquarius Conjuncts Jupiter at 17:33 Aquarius.

This is the 3rd Conjunction of these 2 in the Sign of Aquarius as Mercury is in Phase 3 of his Retrograde cycle. The earlier Conjunctions were: 1) Jan 11 at 5:16; and 2) Feb 14 at 13:21. As I recall, both dates brought news of legal matters in the US election. For each of us there is something being expressed about our spiritual philosophy, optimism, abundance, legal matters, foreigners and the like. In Aquarius it may be unexpected communication or unexpected broadcasting (Jupiter rules broadcasting). Mercury rules 3D thinking and Karma. Jupiter rules 4D spiritual philosophy that helps us to achieve 5D if we devise our own higher consciousness here. Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, can bring a quickening, sudden awareness and revelation… flashes of insight that ‘cross our minds’ (Mercury) or that are transmitted through a form of broadcasting (Jupiter). Aquarius is the 8th House of the US by Sun Sign. We are being transformed by shared resources in philanthropic/charitable way. Mercury allows us to ‘see’ these Higher Minded energies in our ‘seen’ world. So that means ‘events’ occur that SHOW us what expansive revelation would LOOK like.

For the US, this could be a very helpful aspect. If you are awakened, you are waiting for Trump (who is in the middle of 5D Transits into Pluto in Capricorn, to appear and announce some very magical things having to do with our shared resources and universal (Aquarius) abundance (Jupiter). This aspect could bring up legal resolutions or out-of-the-box solutions for the cases before the Supreme Court, OR we could have a change in our broadcasting bringing some shocking news OR we could have an announcement about ‘debt (8th House) forgiveness (Jupiter) that is very surprising.

This 3rd Conjunction should offer some resolution to the matters that have been under review during Mercury’s Retrograde cycle.

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