Mercury Trines North Node & Mars Enters Gemini – Mar 2/3

Tuesday, Mar 2, EST

At 2:09pm Mercury at 15:29 Aquarius Trine the North Node at 15:29 Gemini.

Our revelatory and inspiring thoughts, words, ideas and seen reality are working nicely with our Soul’s purpose to serve our community, neighbors, classmates and K-12 school-related matters. We are finally seeing how focusing on the local matters creates a global structure of support. Its not enough to focus on your nation’s capital or your city government. We must get down to the lowest level of community and start to build from there up.

Wednesday, Mar 3

At 5:49am Venus at 7:22 Pisces Semi-Sextile Chiron at 7:22 Aries.

A minor aspect that could make it easier to smile at someone. You will have some healing around insecurity and be able to assert yourself more easily this morning.

At 12:09pm Venus at 7:42 Pisces Sextile Uranus at 7:42 Taurus.

Venus rules Uranus Transiting through her Sign. Our desires and values are bathed in 2 Higher-Minded energies (Pisces and Uranus) so allow your outdated values to dissolve while you seek the awareness, inspiration and revelation of Uranus’s change. Would you be happy to see resources become more equal? Should we level the playing field of assets? Uranus has been changing up the ways we acquire for the last 2.5+ years and will continue for 4.5 more years. Venus is surrendering her old values for fresh new ones.

At 10:29pm Mars Ingresses Gemini.

For the next 6 weeks or so we will be motivated to speak, communicate, act on our ideas, drive around town (even aggressively), help a neighbor, etc. Mars will add action to the North Node’s Soulful lesson around Gemini-related areas. Maybe children will go back to school who have been virtual learning for a while now. Spring break is likely to be an active time. While in Gemini, Mars will aspect the Eclipse degrees at 8+ Gemini and 23+ Sagittarius), Conjunct the North Node, Square Neptune, Trine Saturn and Jupiter and Sextile Chiron.

For those interested, yes, Trump was on TV on Sunday but as of tonight Mars leaves his 12th House where he has been hidden from view most of the last 6 weeks and enters his 1st House. We can expect to see more of him during this time.

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