Jupiter Trine the North Node & Full Moon in Virgo – Feb 25-27

Thursday, Feb 25, PM

At 4:13pm the Sun at 7:29 Pisces Sextiled Uranus at 7:29 Taurus.

This aspect has occurred as I write. Crazy thing (Uranus) is I had a clarifying thought at 4:10pm and wanted to run the chart to see what caused and I remembered I forgot to blog. But that thought was this aspect for sure. The Sun is showing us some subconscious ideas and the Sextile to Uranus offers flashes on revelation that help us to see even more in a very clear way. Do you see what your desires and values were today? Did anything surprise you?

Friday, Feb 26

At 9:25am the Sun at 8:13 Pisces Semi-Sextiles Saturn at 8:13 Aquarius.

Now clarity is coming in around our restricted socializing or social media censorship or our lack of personal freedom. How content are we about the boundaries or restrictions placed on us by authority-types? There is some deep understanding with this aspect that could show us if we are okay to go along or not.

At 5:57pm Jupiter at 16:09 Aquarius Trines the North Node at 16:09 Gemini.

A wonderful easy aspect of optimistic thoughts, ideas and communication with groups in our local community or with a foreigner or acquaintance that we are meeting in our neighborhood. Jupiter in Aquarius is 2 Higher-Minded energies combined so we have expansive revelation, spiritual awakening, groups of seniors/foreigners/college students and Fixed (Aquarius) optimism (Jupiter). But now can even bring these big ideas into our small town circle.

Saturday, Feb 27

At 3:17am the Moon at 8:57 Virgo Opposes the Sun at 8:57 Pisces creating the Annual Full Moon in Virgo.

Always an emotional peak, a Full Moon shows us a contrast between our goals and purpose (Sun) and our intuition and feelings (Moon). We halfway through the New Moon that began at 23:17 Aquarius on Feb 11. As the Sun is now in Pisces, rather than Aquarius, there is a change in energy as our emotions peak. Our ‘fresh start’ was around all things Aquarius: groups, change, awareness, freedom, communal things, invention and bizarre things. Now our ‘contrast’ comes across the axis of subconscious and daily activities. Virgo externalizes Pisces hidden energies. So the Sun is hidden and the Moon is showing us what the Sun is seeing in Pisces. Are you being of service? Do you feel like working on health issues? Are you struggling with a co-worker issues? Lots of different ways you can experience this Full Moon. Just move through the climaxing energies to see what your feelings are.

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