Mars Trine Pluto & Venus Into Pisces – Feb 24/25

So as I writing this, I was thinking about Mars in Trump’s 12th House by Sun Sign and how he has been ‘in the shadows’ for several weeks now. On Mar 4, Mercury will Conjunct Jupiter for the 3rd time and the first 2 passes have been about legal matters and quite favorable to restoring some ‘justice’. Mars will Ingress Gemini (Trump is Gemini Sun) at 10:29pm on Mar 3 and Mercury and Jupiter Conjunct on Mar 4 at 10:27pm in a great Trine to Trump’s Natal Uranus at 17+ Gemini. Should be some good news for those who realize Trump is following 5D energies and Higher-Mind planetary energies over the last year and continuing forward for a few more years.

Wednesday, Feb 24, EST

At 8:52pm Mars at 25:55 Taurus Trines Pluto at 25:55 Capricorn.

Mars in Taurus is slower-moving than usual. He needs to move some Fixed Earth (Taurus) to get going. Pluto in Capricorn is the abuser of power who is forcing us to take back our personal sovereignty. The Trine makes these 2 Planets work together with ease. So your motivation to acquire resources, beauty or your pursuit of your core values is working harmoniously to obtain a financial benefactor or investor to your enterprise. Or you may simply get a chance to work together with a person who can be a bit of a ‘pill’ at times. Pluto in his highest, 5D vibration, however, is honesty, transparency and integrity. So he is holding Mars to seeking his highest values by applying transparency and integrity. If your actions don’t align with your values, you are defeating your own highest good. Today you can see how to align your personal motivations with your sense of power to both acquire and receive some social status or career goal.

Thursday, Feb 25, AM

At 5:47am on Thursday the Sun at 7:03 Pisces Semi-Sextiles Chiron at 7:03 Aries.

A minor, but productive aspect. The Sun is providing subconscious clarity while Chiron has us lacking motivation or less drive to assert ourselves. When the Sun and Chiron meet and you can see into some Soulful lesson clearly, the best response is GRATITUDE. So look for what you can be grateful for today.

At 8:11am Venus Ingresses Pisces.

For the next 30 days or so we will be dissolving some old desires and letting go of some ways we acquire our resources and earn a living in order to realize some new desires when Venus Ingresses Aries on Mar 21. Some of our desires may become hidden or unseen for a bit as Pisces rules the unseen realm. But that means we are internalizing our desires for the rebirth at 0:00 Aries. Venus in Pisces is like Venus Conjunct Neptune and it can be a bit uncomfortable to touch someone from time to time. But if you look for the deeper, 5D side of Pisces, you will break through into the unconditional love side of Spirit and experience no issues. Keep moving through this energy without hesitation and let your Higher-Mind work on your desires to align for what is ahead.

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