First Quarter Moon & Men & Women at Odds – Feb 19

At 1:47pm the Moon at 1:21 Gemini Squares the Sun at 1:21 Pisces creating the First Quarter Moon.

So the Sun has just Ingressed Pisces and we are starting to get some clarity around issues that have been hidden from view… that area of our lives where we have to look for ‘signs’ to keep us on track, or where we have to ‘feel’ our way forward regardless of what is ‘seen’ in front of us. Now the Moon is a 1/4 of the way from the New Moon at 23:17 Aquarius that exacted on Feb 11. The Moon is helping us feel some things in our local community, providing intuitive-type communications while the Sun is shining a foglight into the hidden regions of Pisces. Who reaches out to you today that you have been thinking about but having seen for a bit? You may be just about to pick up the phone to call them and it rings with a call from them.

At 6:04pm Venus at 23:01 Aquarius Squares Mars at 23:01 Taurus.

Men and women may be at odds tonight. Or your desires are challenging your motivations. Mars is ruled by Venus right now so ladies do have the upper hand. Or your desires to socialize may be working at odds with your need to just luxuriate yourself alone from the crowd. Or get off the social media in order to do something nice for yourself. This is the dilemma. It could be your ‘guy’ wants to run a long, hot bath for you, but you have some people you need to get back to on social media. You see what’s going on?

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