Sun Enters Pisces – Feb 18

As Saturn Squares Uranus today exacting at 2:08pm, the Moon will be Conjunct Uranus so you can expect a shake-up of feelings to go along with the changes to the status quo or some structures in your life. We have been feeling this energy strongly for the last 2 weeks at least. There is often some ‘eventuality’ that can be seen at the exacting. There will be 2 more of these aspects over the rest of the year: Jun 14 and Dec 24. Unexpected structural changes that will get you out of your rut.

At 5:44am the Sun Ingresses Pisces.

Finally, we will have 30 days to get some subconscious clarity to SEE what Neptune is dissolving and morphing in our lives. Where we have Pisces in our Natal Chart is an area of life where things are hidden or not seen very often or may even be confusing. Now we finally have to time to get clear about what is going on and how to set realistic goals about what is needed here. Wherever you have Pisces, is that area where you just have to go on faith and trust of the Universe that all will work out. You can’t ‘worry’ about it or things become even LESS tangible and harder to comprehend. Looking into the subconscious is the worst thing usually, but with the Sun’s help, it is so worthwhile. So enjoy the next 30 days of moving where angels fear to tread… lol.

Now, for the US as a Cancer Sun, this is our 9th House of legal matters by Sun Sign. We may finally get some things to occur around legal matters that have been illusive…. on Friday, the Supreme Court is going to finally review the cases regarding election fraud to see if they will take up the matter. It really couldn’t happen much sooner as the Sun determines ‘real time’ and brings things into our ‘reality.’ The Sun will also highlight SEEING things that have been hidden from view. And in Pisces, this can be a ‘trippy’ kind of a time.

At 5:16pm Venus at 21:43 Aquarius Semi-Squares Chiron at 6:43 Aries.

A Semi-Square is irritating, but Venus is a Healing Planet and can get us through this a bit more gracefully. Venus in Aquarius wants to socialize, but Chiron in Aries has us feeling insecure and unmotivated. Someone in your social circle may help you to feel a bit better today and it will end up being a nice feeling if you let it.

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