Frustration, Unexpected Optimistic Desires & the New Moon in Aquarius – Feb 10/11

All day today we are in a 3-way aspect with Mercury Rx, Mars and the North Node. It is about expressing our Higher-Mind values and acting in accordance with them.

At 1:31am Mercury Rx at 18:00 Aquarius Trined the North Node at 18:00 Gemini.

Here we had some ease of communication though it may have been unexpected revelatory. Out-of-the-box thinking can be expressed to people in your local community, siblings, neighbors, etc. There may be some revision to things discussed on Jan 20 when Mercury first Trined the North Node at 18:56 Aquarius/Gemini respectively.

At 7:16am Mercury Rx at 17:43 Aquarius Squares Mars at 17:43 Taurus.

This is aggressive speech and likely some frustration as inspiration is pouring in, but you can’t seem to act fast enough. I know I cut someone off who was rambling on with ‘niceties’ while a group of us had real ‘meat’ (aka values and ideas) to discuss. This is the 2nd Square to Mars so likely we just recall the ‘frustration’ part from Jan 8 as they met at 1:01 Aquarius/Taurus respectively.

At 3:37pm Mars at 17:55 Taurus Semi-Sextiles the North Node at 17:55 Gemini.

Now we have the 3rd part of the 3-way around communication (Mercury in Aquarius and NN in Gemini) and acting on our values and desires. Here we may try more beautiful words or offer to give someone a ride. It is a minor aspect but can help us alleviate any angst from this morning and the frustrating Square.

Look to the Houses where these Planets and Point (North Node) are Transiting. For example, Taurus is my 7th House of ‘friends’ and Taurus rules women. I was on a call with 2 close friends and we added an acquaintance (Aquarius) into the conversation (Mercury and Gemini). She was so out of the loop of where our ‘inspired’ thoughts (Aquarius) were going that I found myself kind of aggressively trying to get her off the line. Mars doesn’t make apologies well and Aquarius doesn’t expect them. So there you have it!

By the time this aspect is separating we have the nice energy below lifting our spirit, our values and our optimism.

Thursday, Feb 11

At 2:06pm Venus at 12:34 Aquarius Conjuncts Jupiter at 12:34 Aquarius.

It doesn’t get much nicer than having the 2 Healing Planets meet. And meeting in the Sign of Aquarius which rules groups, acquaintances, self-awareness, freedom, shock and awe, invention and so much more. Venus and Jupiter expand our available resources and in Aquarius it could come from an acquaintance or some philanthropic group or person. We have revelation around our values and our spiritual philosophy. Groups of spiritual women is a perfect example of WHO today. But we begin a new fortunate cycle around finances, beauty, resources and values. And Venus is elevated by 2 Higher-Mind energies (Jupiter/Aquarius).

At 2:06pm the Moon at 23:17 Aquarius Conjuncts the Sun at 23:17 Aquarius creating the Annual New Moon in Aquarius.

Late into the Sun’s Transit through the Sign, we finally have the official ‘fresh start’ of Aquarius energy into our yearly cycle. It starts something new with groups, freedom, equality, philanthropy, revelation, self-awareness, inspiration and invention. Look for new beginnings here! WHO is shown by the House where you have 23+ Aquarius in your Natal Chart.

This New Moon Sextiles the Solar Eclipse of Dec 14 at 23:08 Sagittarius. So we are 1/3 of the way through the Eclipse cycle. In another month we will reach a critical point for that Eclipse cycle.

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