Minor, Magical & the Inferior Conjunction – Feb 7/8

At 8:55am Mercury Rx at 21:11 Aquarius Semi-Squared Chiron at 6:11 Aries.

Some irritating words that might have wounded. Lack of motivation to circulate and socialize. Insecurity expressed via social media or electronic means. Mercury’s first Semi-Square to Chiron occurred on Jan 21 so there is some revision to things said, written, thought, seen, or expressed at that time.

At 11:08am the True North Node at 18:12 Gemini Quintiles Chiron at 6:12 Aries.

This is a 5D/Magical aspect between a Soulful Point and Planet. Its effortless energy to see being wounded is a result of our dimensional thought/reaction to Planetary energies. This may be hard to detect because it doesn’t really create anything but wonderfully easy energy around asserting ourselves or communication within our local community.

At 8:32pm the Sun at 19:30 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Neptune at 19:30 Pisces.

A minor aspect offering some clarity around what Neptune is dissolving or has been keeping hidden from view. With the Sun in Aquarius, it can be sudden clarity that shocks us, but we can incorporate with a bit of allowing.

Monday, Feb 8

At 8:48am the Sun at 20:01 Aquarius Conjuncts Mercury Rx at 20:01 Aquarius creating the Inferior Conjunction.

The Inferior Conjunction of the Sun (real-time/reality) and Mercury (conscious, 3D mind, seen world) is the start of a new 165-day cycle to work with the energy to ‘manifest’ our thoughts into reality. The Sun and Mercury are Conjunct only 6 days each year and so most of the time, our seen world, thoughts and ideas, are not in sync with our goals and purpose (Sun). In 5D, you only use Mercury is a ‘lens’ to the physical world and rely on your Higher-Mind Planets to guide you. This way Mercury doesn’t play his ‘tricks’ on your mind. The Inferior Conjunction occurs when Mercury is in Retrograde. When the Sun and Mercury Conjunct while Mercury is Direct, it is the mid-point of their cycle giving us a chance to see how we are doing in manifesting our ‘thoughts.’ But, again, in 5D it doesn’t really ‘trick’ you as it did when you are in 3D.

The Sun and Mercury Conjunct at this degree in Aquarius is starting a new cycle around socializing, mingling, making acquaintances, networking, awareness and quickening of thoughts and ideas as Mercury is elevated into 5D energy by being in Aquarius. You may have some unexpected communications today. But what you hear or say is based in ‘reality’. It may be about change and freedom and philanthropy. But this can all shake you out of a rut.

Mercury 1st pass to this degree occurred on Jan 21 so there may be thoughts, ideas and communications from that day that is being reviewed now with greater clarity.

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