Venus Conjunct Saturn & Square Uranus – Feb 6

At 2:07am Venus at 5:54 Aquarius Conjuncts Saturn at 5:54 Aquarius.

On Thursday night Venus made a Semi-Square to Neptune and now Conjuncts the other Karmic Planet, Saturn. So Venus is rolling through a separating Semi-Square between Saturn and Neptune. Saturn initiates structures and systems and Neptune avoids and dissolves these systems. Saturn in Aquarius is holding us accountable to our social network and social media. We are more careful and can feel less social often due to some authority-type restricting us. Venus is our desires, our earned income, beauty, values and available resources. Venus Conjuncts Saturn means we have fewer resources, our desires feel restricted. We accountable to our values. Both of these Planets in Aquarius adds their energies to change, awareness, socializing, philanthropy and unexpected events. Both Venus and Saturn are applying to Square Uranus which rules Aquarius. There is a lot of change to structures around our ‘voices’ (Venus) and electrical systems (Aquarius) and public structures (Saturn). The Conjunction and the Square are both ‘hard’ aspects. But with Uranus involved, it can really shock you initially, but it turns out to be a needed change once you take in the awareness. Sudden changes to resources. Restricted socializing or electrical circuits. Stuck at home take in needed awareness. So many ways this can play out in your life.

For the US – This Conjunction occurs on the US’s South Node… letting go, drain energy. Something that is usually easy is let go of. Aquarius is the US’s 8th House by Sun Sign and 2nd House by Rising Sign. So money and resources, personal and shared, are on the agenda. Letting go of debt… letting go of personal resources… transformation by philanthropy… letting go of groups… equalizing things… etc.

At 6:43am Venus at 6:09 Aquarius Sextiles Chiron at 6:09 Aries.

This is a productive aspect that offers healing around our desires and ability to assert ourselves. We are feeling Soulful and awareness is coming in that helps us to offer some healing touch to someone who needs it.

At 1:40pm the Sun at 18:12 Aquarius Trines the North Node at 18:12 Gemini.

Easy clarity around our social goals, freedom goals, group goals and how to implement them within our neighborhood and local community. Can we use social media to further our local efforts? Can we use our awareness to bring about more freedom locally? It is easy to see what is needed locally and to set goals to create the change necessary.

At 10:33pm Venus at 6:58 Aquarius Squares Uranus at 6:58 Taurus.

Venus is in Uranus’s Sign. Uranus is in Venus’ Sign. This puts them in ‘mutual reception’ and their energies can be applied at both ends of the aspect equally. Venus and Uranus bring sudden attraction. The Square can make it less stable and fast-moving… a flash in the pan. But our values can be changed in a flash and we won’t look back. We will move into the new awareness and find ourselves in a new place. Both of these Signs are ‘Fixed’ energies: Taurus is Fixed Earth; Aquarius is Fixed Air. We are changing WHERE we are and WHAT we value in a flash. It can involve groups, beauty, finances and philanthropy or our desires want to become universal for everyone.

These sudden changes may take some time to realize, however, because Saturn is causing us to want to keep things the same… maintain the status quo. So this energy will be building until Saturn exacts his Square to Uranus on Feb 17.

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