Last Quarter Moon & Venus Semi-Squares Neptune – Feb 4

At 12:37pm the Moon at 16:08 Scorpio Squares the Sun at 16:08 Aquarius.

Our feelings for intimacy and sharing of resources is challenging our goals within groups or on social media or socializing. We could have some intuition and clarity around these 2 areas of life that are in a Karmic Square naturally. This Last Quarter Moon falls between the Full Moon at 9:06 Leo on Jan 28 and the New Moon at 23:17 Aquarius on Feb 11.

At 9:23pm Venus at 4:24 Aquarius Semi-Squares Neptune at 19:24 Pisces.

An irritation between our desires to socialize and meet new people but there is some subconscious hesitation around getting too familiar. Venus is applying to Conjunct Saturn and so we are also feeling some restriction to socializing or mingling. We are less likely to spend money but Neptune is hiding the real reason from us. We will need to wait for more awareness. On Saturday, Venus will Square Uranus ahead of Saturn exacting his Square to Uranus. This will show us a prelude to some of what this bigger Square is doing.

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