Mercury Stations Retrograde – Jan 29/30

Friday, Jan 29, EST

At 12:19pm Mercury at 26:24 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Venus at 26:24 Capricorn.

A minor aspect as Mercury pulls into his Retrograde Station. This aspect will not be part of his Retrograde cycle, so what is said just shows us something about what Mercury will be reviewing. It will be some expression of our desires for public authority or WHO is the preferred public authority. Or posting of a beautiful selfie or bauble to social media. Or we merely see something beautiful that was unexpected.

Saturday, Jan 30

At 10:51am Mercury at 26:29 Aquarius Stations Retrograde.

For much of Friday through to his exact Station, there is considerable hesitation in making social plans or communicating ideas across social media. Mercury will now Retrograde back to 11:01 Aquarius which he first crossed over on Jan 15 (5 days prior to ‘Inauguration Day’ in the US). Mercury is our ‘lens’ to the physical world. It is our conscious mind and referred to as the ‘Trickster’. Mercury rules the 3D mind. In higher consciousness, Higher-Mind energies, we can use Mercury as just a marker of how the physical world represents a small portion of all of our human and Soul experience. When Mercury Retrogrades, those in 3D can get very frustrated as they ‘review’ the plans they have made since Jan 15. Thankfully, Mercury in Aquarius is IN a Higher-Mind energy and flashes of inspiration and revelation will help many navigate more successfully through this Retrograde phase. Mercury will Station Direct on Feb 20 and clear his Shadow at 26:29 Aquarius on Mar 13.

Mercury Rx will Conjunct the Sun on Feb 8 at 20:01 Aquarius. This will begin a new cycle between our conscious mind and real-time or reality. It seeds the next 165-day cycle and is called the ‘Inferior Conjunction’ because Mercury is Retrograde.

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