Venus, Pluto & NN 3-Way, Full Moon in Leo & Luckiest Day of the Year – Jan 27/28

At 12:54am Pluto at 25:03 Capricorn Biquintiles the North Node at 19:03 Gemini.

This may be a bit hard to get our brains around… Gemini rules the central nervous system and aspects of the brain. It is effortless energy between our use of power and authority and our need to relate that in our local community and rural areas. We are transforming our careers and public structures while finding ways to communicate this transformation in our neighborhood.

At 9:22am Venus at 23:45 Capricorn Quintiles Chiron at 5:45 Aries.

Venus offers a healing touch here to our insecurity or lack of motivation. A female authority could offer you a smile that says so much. Or you may find it easier to assert yourself publicly with a smile that opens some doors.

Thursday, Jan 28

At 7:49am Venus at 24:55 Capricorn Biquintiles the North Node at 18:55 Gemini.

Now our career and authority goals will help us to communicate in beautiful ways to our local community. Or we desire a career that benefits our community, siblings and neighbors. We want some social status and find it easy to achieve close to home.

At 11:18am Venus at 25:05 Capricorn Conjuncts Pluto at 25:05 Capricorn.

If you have looking for some financial backing in your career desires, this may be the opportunity for that. Or you may find yourself as very attractive to someone who holds the purse strings. You may desire some power today and find that someone offers it to you because they want to become closer to you sexually.

At 2:16pm the Moon at 9:06 Leo Opposes the Sun at 9:06 Aquarius.

A monthly emotional peak around our romantic feelings or personal spotlight vs our goals for fitting into a group. How are we balancing time with children vs. our social network? Are we having enough fun or merely conforming to group ideals? These are the types of things front and center today.

At 8:39pm the Sun at 9:22 Aquarius Conjuncts Jupiter at 9:22 Aquarius.

Jupiter is Conjunct the Full Moon so we are likely to feel very fortunate with group-goals and out socializing or publishing on social media platforms. We may find ourselves with groups of seniors, college students or foreigners. But regardless of what we are doing, we are feeling very expansive and optimistic today.

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