Mercury Quintile & Sun Square Uranus & Neptune Squares the Nodes – Jan 25/26

Monday, Jan 25, EST

At 5:29am the Sun at 5:40 Aquarius Sextiles Chiron at 5:40 Aries.

A minor aspect that will show us something Soulful and help us to see why we are insecure and afraid to assert ourselves in social settings or through online social media. What you see should allow you to go into gratitude for this experience of our Souls. We are not here to be ‘perfect’… our Souls already are. We are here to experience life with some character flaws that allow us to have this imperfect experience called human life.

Tuesday, Jan 26

At 1:09am Mercury at 24:47 Aquarius Quintiles Uranus at 6:47 Taurus.

Depending on this hits your chart and timezone, you could have some revelation that wakes you right up. Or a text message that does the same thing. It will be effortless to answer it and begin to share revelations with someone you desire or love. Or you could find yourself smitten with someone new and talk the night away. Acquaintances, women, desires, touch, unexpected, communication and inspiration are all part of the magical energy. Mercury will be making 2 more Quintiles to Uranus during his Retrograde cycle so we will have a chance to review our revelations and words from this aspect today.

At 7:48am the Sun at 6:47 Aquarius Squares Uranus at 6:47 Taurus.

Interesting that our conscious mind, Mercury, is in a magical aspect to Uranus while our ‘reality’ and real-time is in a Square/Karmic/3D aspect. Though with Uranus and his Sign Aquarius, his quickening effect is never really Karmic. We need to SEE something here that allows us to get out of a rut and find a solution to acquiring or gifting resources OR to lose the mask and get out and mingle.

At 9:12am Neptune at 19:06 Pisces Squares the North Node at 19:06 Gemini.

Finally Neptune has left 18+ degrees Gemini for a long time! My Natal Ascendant is 18:06 Gemini. This Square has actually been in effect for the last 2+ months!! The True North Node has sat on this degree for that long. It will be with us for a few more weeks yet, too. That is some confusion between which direction we should be moving: North Node emphasizes local things and the South Node emphasizes global things. How does what is happening on the global and city stage affect us in the rural areas? Are we confused yet as to which direction to go? OR have you been able to look at the North Node in Gemini and feel a deep content with moving in that direction? Neptune doesn’t have to ‘confuse’ but he can certainly cause us to look really deeply into things. Gemini wants to SEE things and Sagittarius (where the South Node is) is content to have FAITH that we will soon be SEEING what is unseen (Neptune). Perhaps that is the real message of this Square? Has your faith carried you through to where you KNOW you will SEE what your mind’s eye says IS REAL?

At 9:35am Mercury at 25:02 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Pluto at 25:02 Capricorn.

A minor aspect that is more productive than difficult. Unexpected communication from an authority type or financial backer/intimate partner. Mercury will make 3 of these aspects to Pluto during his Retrograde cycle so what gets said now is up for review.

NOTE: Mercury was already in his Phase 1 Shadow of his impending Retrograde cycle on Jan 20… ‘Inauguration Day’ in the US. Could there be a revelation around what we ‘saw’ (Mercury) that day? We will be reviewing the same energy around Feb 6/7.

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