Mars in the Square of Neptune to the Nodes – Jan 14/15

Thursday, Jan 14, PM, EST

At 4:55pm Mars at 3:47 Taurus Semi-Squared Neptune at 18:47 Pisces.

Yesterday afternoon Mars was straddling smack in between Neptune and the North Node. Neptune is Square the Nodes of Fate right now, but won’t exact until Jan 26. Our ‘belief’ must be solid to accomplish what we wish to ‘see’ (Gemini) at this time. The Semi-Square from Mars brings up some irritation around actions or resources. You have already moved through it so see if you can ID what occurred.

Friday, Jan 15

At 4:33am the Sun at 25:27 Capricorn Biquintiled the North Node at 19:27 Gemini.

Magical, Soulful clarity. Are you using your power effectively to support your neighbors? Are your goals aligning with the good of your community? It was effortless to see the ways this can be accomplished.

At 10:04pm Mars at 4:22 Taurus Semi-Squares the North Node at 19:22 Gemini.

A bit more irritation in our actions and desires that will show us more about how to do the Soulful North Node in Gemini. Keep it local. Move in your community to provide resources for those who need them.

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