Mercury Meets the Nodes, Jupiter, Chiron & Uranus – Jan 11/12

On Saturday night Mercury was Conjunct Saturn and social media started blocking one of Mercury’s dual sides. On Monday through Tuesday, Mercury will make 4 more aspects from the early degrees of Aquarius. Mercury in Aquarius is merged with Uranus’ Higher-Mind energies. People will ‘wake up’ though the process may be very shocking, bizarre, unexpected, create upheaval and some chaos.

Monday, Jan 11, EST

At 4:26am Mercury at 4:44 Aquarius Ses-Squares the North Node at 19:44 Gemini.

Mercury rules the North Node Transiting through his Sign. Aquarius and the North Node are 5D energies so Mercury is very elevated here. But there is still an adjustment that needs to be made. While you may be awakening to some new ideas that seem very far-fetched to your neighbors and siblings, if you adjust your words, there will be an ease that follows.

At 12:19pm Mercury at 5:16 Aquarius Conjuncts Jupiter at 5:16 Aquarius.

This Part 1 of a 3-way aspect with Mercury, Jupiter and Chiron. Jupiter in Aquarius can create expansive revelation and change. Mercury will be expressing this revelation. Mercury rules the ‘news’ and ‘headlines’ so we can expect some unexpected legal issues to be reported, some equal justice to be carried out, or huge philanthropic endeavors to be announced. This is a big wild card. Though Jupiter is approaching the US’s South Node at 6.36 Aquarius in the 8th House by Sun Sign: debt forgiveness, letting go of loans or interest, etc.

At 12:23pm Mercury at 5:16 Aquarius Sextiles Chiron at 5:16 Aries.

A nice, productive aspect here that will have Mercury expressing some awareness of the insecurities that made it so easy for people to ‘mask up’ or to feel unmotivated. Mercury is taking in the awareness and able to understand some things from 5D perspective right now.

At 12:49pm Jupiter at 5:16 Aquarius Sextiles Chiron at 5:16 Aries.

Jupiter is an optimistic, Healing Planet. When he meets Chiron, we can rise above some of the wounding pain Chiron has been activating if you are still in 3D or 4D perspectives. How will the legal or spiritual issues of this week help us to move through our insecurities and thoughts of ‘racism’. Aries rules the face and the first impression that we make, such as our names and skin color. To those who are insecure, it is common to throw the blame for our wounding on the other persons’ ‘racist’ slant. This is the whole issue with Black Lives Matter. Aries is aggression too. So when we feel insecure, we can become angry at the person in front of us and not be able to move past it. There is some help today with this 3-way aspect to seek some healing with someone who has misjudged you or you them.

Tuesday, Jan 12, AM

At 10:00am Mercury at 6:44 Aquarius Squares Uranus at 6:44 Aquarius.

This is a double-dose of Uranus’ revelation in a hard aspect. But Uranus is rarely a truly hard energy. He shakes us out of our ruts and puts our mental ideas on a new path. It can feel hard if we are leaving a group behind or suddenly not agreeing with someone we love. Follow the awareness until it works its perfect work in you.

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