Restricted Social Media Communications – Jan 9/10

Saturday, Jan 9, EST

At 10:53am Venus at 1:16 Capricorn Trines Mars at 1:16 Taurus.

This is a wonderful feeling around career and resources, men and women or your own male and female energies. Venus is in the Sign of the father and authority and hardened by Saturn energy. Mars is in Venus’ Sign and softened. But the Trine makes it all easy. Relating and acting on our passions is easy.

At 1:34pm the Sun at 19:44 Capricorn Quincunx the North Node at 19:44 Gemini.

We are getting clear about political matters and setting new goals for our career and bread-winning abilities. But there is an adjustment to the Soulful nature of Gemini that needs to be made. Careers and social status are all fine pursuits, but not at the expense of ‘loving thy neighbor’ and securing neighborhood support and security.

At 10:17pm Mercury at 2:41 Aquarius Conjuncts Saturn at 2:41 Aquarius.

Saturn is past his Retrograde Station of 1:57 on May 11. We are entering new territory around awareness and changing (Aquarius) the structures of our public authority and government (Saturn). Mercury will now express some of the new restrictions or responsibilities we might be feeling around groups, social network, electrical things and internet. Both Saturn and Mercury will not return to this degree during their upcoming Retrograde cycles. If your communications are ‘shut down’ unexpectedly… it is THIS aspect causing that at the moment.

Mercury rules local transportation and vehicles. You may find yourself held back a bit in this regard. Or an authority could challenge you unexpectedly. Use Aquarian energy to ‘free’ you from any restriction. Revelation IS available.

In the US, Aquarius is the US’s 8th House by Sun Sign. So we are feeling much of the same energy of the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction of Jan 12, 2020. We are transforming (8th House ruled by Pluto destroys to transform) the structures (Saturn) of our shared resources (8th House/Pluto). We are in the process of rebuilding our public (Saturn) liberties (Aquarius). It is NOT an easy cycle, but a necessary one. Good thing Jupiter is leading the way through Aquarius right now bringing ‘forgiveness’ of debt again or ‘stimulus checks’, etc. On Jan 17 Jupiter will Conjunct the US’s South Node in at 6:36 Aquarius. Essentially, with both Jupiter and Saturn in the US’s 8th House, it is similar to all of the Transits between Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in 2020. Jupiter rules legal issues and broadcasting. We can expect to have some unexpected, shocking broadcasts in the new little while.

Sunday, Jan 10

At 12:56pm Mercury at 3:41 Aquarius Semi-Squares Neptune at 18:41 Pisces.

Irritating words around our social media communications. We can feel unsettled about communications in the social network or around unexpected communications.

At 3:39pm Venus at 2:46 Capricorn Semi-Sextiles Saturn at 2:46 Aquarius.

This aspect can help a bit as Venus is a Healing Planet. Saturn rules Saturn in Capricorn though so the Healing feels less strong. Women in power positions could be prominent in social media. Or groups of people could be looking for resources from public authorities. Our beliefs are challenged, but in a productive way.

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